Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes Philadelphia, PA USA – January 2013

The PMI Board of Directors accepted the following Culture Statements to be included in the PMI Governance Framework as a directional document named ‘Board Culture, Principles, and Protocols’:

• Demonstrating a commitment and dedication to the value of project management and the Institute.

• Conducting ourselves in ways that demonstrate mutual respect, respect for the Institute, and fostering a positive image of the Board, the Institute, and the project management profession.

Strategic Leadership
• Acting with a strategic perspective, embracing servant leadership and humility. Exercising knowledge-based decision making by utilizing a combination of sound research, facts, expertise, and objective analysis for the best interest of the Institute.

Creative Tension
• Recognizing that a true creative setting means encouraging and valuing the exchange of diverse perspectives with the freedom to agree and disagree, while continuing to move forward.

Agile / Entrepreneurial
• Being flexible and adaptable, recognizing and acting upon strategic opportunities and changing environment for the project management profession globally.

The PMI Board of Director approved the following additions to Rule of the Board 15.0.2 (additions are bolded). Directional Documents are documents that provide the Board direction regarding specific decisions, programs, and activities, c) Culture Statements and Protocols. A culture statement helps define who the Board is by highlighting elements that describe the Board’s behavior and beliefs. A defined culture inspires high performing individuals to work together effectively and assist with decision-making. Board principles and protocols are in place as guide rules for the Board Directors to follow as they execute their roles and responsibilities in-person and virtually.”

The PMI Board of Directors approved the Consent Calendar for Approval that contained the following items:

  1. 2013 PMI Board Officers;
  2. October 2012 PMI Board Meeting Minutes;
  3. Student Membership Dues Extension for Chapter Members;
  4. Student Membership 2013 Dues Extension;
  5. Updated 2013 SDOC Charter.

Respectfully submitted,

Zbigniew J. Traczyk, PMP
2013 Secretary-Treasurer