Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes Philadelphia, PA USA – January 2014

A motion was approved stating that the 2014 PMI Board of Directors, namely, Margareth Carneiro (2014-2016), Steve DelGrosso (2011-2016), Mark Dickson (2013-2015), Jane Farley (2009-2014), Deena Gordon Parla (2013-2015), Todd Hutchison (2014-2016), Victoria Kumar (2014-2016), Deanna Landers (2009-2014), Jon Mihalic (2009-2014), Peter Monkhouse (2009-2014), Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez (2013-2015), Zbigniew Traczyk (2012-2014), Ricardo Triana (2010- 2015), Cheryl J. Walker Waite (2013-2015), and Al Zeitoun (2014-2016) effective immediately ratify the October 2013 ad hoc elections of the 2014 PMI Board Officers and the Strategy Development Oversight Committee (SDOC) Chair as follows: Ricardo Triana, Chair; Steve DelGrosso, Vice Chair; Zbigniew Traczyk, Secretary-Treasurer/Performance Oversight Committee Chair; and Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Strategy Development Oversight Committee Chair.

A motion was approved authorizing the President & CEO to establish a for-profit Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) for the purpose of supporting PMI’s operations in Asia-Pacific Region.

A motion was approved to establish a subsidiary corporate entity in a European country, as determined by the President & CEO, for purposes of supporting PMI’s operations in EMEA. 

A motion was approved approving the Consent Calendar for Approval containing the following items:

  1. October 2013 PMI Board Meeting Minutes
  2. Amendments to Ethics Case Procedures

Ricardo Triana, Chair adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Zbigniew J. Traczyk, PMP
2014 Secretary-Treasurer