Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes Philadelphia, PA USA – January 2015

At their January 2015 meeting, chaired by Steve DelGrosso, the PMI Board:

Ratified the October 2014 ad hoc elections of the 2015 PMI Board Officers and Strategic Development Oversight Committee (SDOC) Chair namely: Steven DelGrosso, Chair; Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Vice Chair; Mark Dickson, Secretary-Treasurer/Audit and Performance Oversight Committee (APOC) Chair; and Deena Gordon Parla, Strategic Development and Oversight Committee (SDOC) Chair.

Authorized the PMI President & CEO to establish a non-profit member association registered by PMI in Italy under Italian law 4/2013. The association will be established in a manner consistent with PMI’s Bylaws and other relevant policies so as to protect the Institute, its property and its interests from exposure to potential risk associated with creating the foreign organization; and without further action, authorization or determination by the PMI Board of Directors to execute, deliver, perform and consummate all documents to effectuate this resolution and to take all actions necessary to finance and sustain the operations of the association

Authorized the President & CEO to establish a for-profit corporate entity in Latin America for the purpose of supporting PMI’s operations in the Latin American Region.

Approved the Consent Calendar for Approval containing the following items:

  • October 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
  • Updated 2015 Governance Committee Charter.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Dickson, MBA, PMP, FAICD
2015 Secretary-Treasurer