Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes Barcelona, Spain – May 2016

It was noted by the SOC Chair that the strategic policy framework transition was completed.

The Board engaged in a Scenario Thinking – Strategic Implications Workshop with the view that outcomes from the workshop will be considered in future strategic planning sessions.

The Secretary-Treasurer announced that the RSM audit firm provided an unqualified report on PMI financials.

A session was held focused on managing enterprise risk that provided a deeper background and understanding of the importance of possessing an engrained risk mindset to deal with risk appropriately.

The Board approved the 12 March 2016 meeting minutes and a strategic initiative to create a platform to address the gap between strategy development and strategy implementation based on the presentation and background materials presented to the Board on 8 May 2016. Further, the PMI Board of Directors directed the President and CEO to continue progress until the September 2016 Board of Directors meeting, by when a high-level business plan is to be submitted.

Respectfully submitted,

J. Davidson Frame, PhD, PMP, PMI Fellow
2016 Secretary/Treasurer