Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes Vancouver, BC, Canada – October 2012

Change to Rule of the Board, Nomination & Election of Directors 

The PMI Board of Directors approved replacing the following language in Rule of the Board 6.0.3: Annually, the Governance Committee should informally assess the level of the above characteristics [6.0.3 a) through f)] possessed by the existing Directors and informally assess the diversity reflected within the composition of the Board and, if, in their judgment, believe that the Board should provide additional guidance to the Nominating Committee, a motion to that effect should be presented at the PMI Board's Annual Meeting. With:

The Governance Committee will annually review the expected candidate criteria above [in Rule of the Board 6.0.3 a) through f)] to ensure the criteria are current and relevant, and present any recommendations for change to the Board for discussion and vote

Nomination by Petition Task Team Recommendation

The PMI Board of Directors supported placing a question on the 2013 ballot to amend Bylaws Article VI: PMI Board of Directors, Section B, 3 Directors of the Institute and Section C, Nominating Committee as follows [the text that is crossed out will be eliminated and the text that is highlighted will be added]:
B,3. Nomination/Election. Candidates for election may be nominated by petition, or will be by selection of the Nominating Committee, as set forth in Section C, below. The terms of the Directors shall be staggered to ensure that approximately one-third of the Director terms of office expire each year. All PMI Board Directors shall be elected by secret ballot by the voting membership of the Institute, the results of which shall be announced at the Annual Membership Meeting
C,3. Authority and Duties. Among other authority and duties, the Nominating Committee shall conduct the following activities under the leadership of the Committee Chair: the timely review and study of the credentials of qualified Director nominees; the timely presentation of qualified, individual nominees and slates of candidates for open Director positions. In addition to any nominees presented by the Nominations Committee, the Committee Chair shall permit nominations of qualified candidates by petition of at least one percent (1%) of the eligible voting membership. The Nominating Committee shall circulate to all members who are entitled to vote, the names of qualified and appropriate nominees and slates at least sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. The qualified candidates receiving the largest number of qualified member votes shall be elected to each open Director position. Where a tie exists between two or more nominees, the PMI Board of Directors shall elect a winner. The results of each election shall be announced at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Amendments to Vivid Description and Strategic Principles #10 and #12 of the Strategic Plan

The PMI Board of Directors approved amendments and an addition to the Vivid Description to read:

1. Project management is a core competency for organizations.

  • Organizations employ individuals who possess the skills, knowledge, and experiences that are required in managing projects, programs, and portfolios and whose performance can be measured.
  • Organizations follow globally recognized project management standards.
  • Organizations have established educational, experiential, credentialing, and performance requirements for individuals engaged in specific project management roles.
  • Organizations have clearly established career paths, including one in project management that allows individuals to advance to the highest levels of leadership.
  • Project management is utilized by organizations as a key driver in the execution of their strategy.

2. Project management is visible and globally recognized as a profession.

Strategic Principle #10 to read: PMI shall take actions and make decisions in a socially, environmentally, and economically responsible way

And Strategic Principle #12 to read: PMI considers the users of technology-based forms of congregation and communication, such as social media, websites and knowledge portals, a strategic market. PMI shall be a leader in utilizing technology as appropriate to reach this rapidly changing segment. 

PMIEF Donation Request for 2013

The PMI Board of Directors approved a donation during 2013 to the PMI Educational Foundation in support of the accompanying PMIEF Integrated Plan dated 12 September 2012.

UAE Chapter Recommendation – LLC Incorporation

The PMI Board of Directors approved the establishment of a for-profit Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the purpose of supporting our members in the UAE, in particular to facilitate the operation of the PMI UAE Chapter

2013-2014 Program Plan and Budget

The PMI Board of Directors approved the 2013-2014 Program Plan and Budget

Consent Calendar for Approval

The PMI Board of Directors approved the Consent Calendar for Approval with the following items:

  • May 2012 PMI Board Meeting Minutes
  • Revisions to Candidate Criteria Policy for PMI Board of Directors

2013 Standing Committee Charters

  • Governance Committee
  • Performance Oversight Committee
  • Strategy Development Oversight Committee

2013 Support Committee Charters

  • Board Volunteer Appointment Committee
  • Certification Governance Council
  • Ethics Appeals Committee
  • Ethics Review Committee
  • Global Accreditation Center for PM Education Program
  • Nominating Committee

2013 Support Committee Appointments

  • Board Volunteer Advisory Committee
  • Certification Governance Council
  • Ethics Appeals Committee
  • Ethics Review Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • PMIEF Board Directors

Authorization of Signatures for Accounts with Wells Fargo Bank.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Farley, PMP
2012 Secretary/Treasurer