Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes Chicago, IL USA – October 2017

The Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC) facilitated a two-day Strategy Workshop focused on the PMI Transformation Plan 2017.

Joshua Seiden, author of “Sense and Respond,” provided the board a presentation focused on agility, followed by an open discussion.

The Compensation Committee provided an update and discussed President and CEO topics.

The board approved the Consent Calendar for Approval containing the following items:

August 2017 Board Meeting Minutes, 2018 Nominating Committee Appointments, 2018 APOC, CompCom, GovCom, SOC, BVAC, CGC, ERC, GAC, Nominating Committee charters, ESM Task Team Charter Amendment, ESM Task Team and GAC appointments, Secretary-Treasurer revisions to Rules of the Board and the Legal Representation resolution.

The board approved the PMI Transformation Plan 2017 and provided the ELT with its endorsement of the transformational steps that they presented in the Transformation Plan, including the authorization of the President and CEO to begin pilot testing of membership concepts, structure and pricing hypotheses to develop stronger value propositions for current and potential members.

The board approved the 2018-2019 Operations Plan and Budget.

An update on the Brightline Initiative that included achievements and challenges was presented to the board.

The Governance Refresh Task Team facilitated a workshop that resulted in:

  • Directing the President and CEO to draft a stakeholder policy in 2018.
  • Establishing an Ad Hoc Working Group to review the work of the board across the board and committees, officer positions, remove workload where possible, handover workload to staff where possible, and resource level (balance of work across different committees).
  • Reducing board size to 12 (from 15) beginning in 2019