Certification Governance Council (CGC)

Effective Date and Duration: 01 January 2022 to 31 December 2022

Committee Purpose:

(Overall charge, purpose, or focus of this committee in helping the PMI Board to do its job.)

The purpose of the Certification Governance Council (CGC) is to support and provide feedback on PMI's:

  • strategy to encourage career progression through certification
  • certification product development and maintenance
  • strategic objectives specifically related to the PMI Certification Program

Note: the term "credential" is defined as PMI certifications, micro-certifications, badges and assessments marketed under PMI, DA, Brightline and other PMI brand names


(Products the committee is tasked to produce.)

Ongoing Deliverables:

PMI Board Support Focus:

  • Provide strategic input to the PMI Board of Directors regarding certification
  • Support certification related efforts as prescribed by PMI 4.0
  • Monitor progress toward meeting PMI strategic intents and objectives for all PMI certification
  • Provide feedback and recommendations related to activities or risks that impact the credibility and value of PMI products and services
  • Work with CGC Staff Liaison(s) to finalize the number of vacancies, evaluation criteria and weightings and provide to the Board Volunteer Advisory Committee (BVAC) by deadline established.


  • Conduct regular evaluations of PMI’s certifications, market demand, value propositions and hiring manager viewpoints to meet current and future needs and expectations of the market. The CGC will partner with PMI certification, research and strategy staff to leverage the existing PMI cadence for these reviews.
  • Review and evaluate PMI’s certification competition on a regular basis. The CGC will partner with the research staff to leverage the existing PMI cadence for this review.
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to the PMI Certification Department on product sustainability, improvement opportunities and maintenance
  • Review and provide feedback on changes to certification policies and procedures that have a major impact to candidates, prospects and PMI’s competitive position.
  • Engage in regular, no more than annual, discussions with the PMI Geographic Regional staff, particularly China and India, to identify and evaluate potential certification opportunities for these markets
  • Review, evaluate and provide input on PMI’s certification renewal approach to ensure it meets market needs.
  • Review and provide input to the certification plan to operationalize PMI's certification strategy
  • Identify, review and/or provide input for new certification assessment and testing approaches
  • Identify, review and/or provide input for approaches used by candidates to prepare for PMI certifications
  • Identify, review and/or provide input for PMI activities needed to support certification growth 

PMI Certification Staff Support:

  • Provide support to PMI staff, as requested, in operational development, maintenance, network connections and communications for the certification program
  • Monitor activities for new or refreshed credentials, such as Role Delineation Studies and Global Practice Analysis, and provide feedback to the PMI Certification Department.

CGC Support:

  • Provide the BVAC with the staffing, evaluation, and selection criteria for new CGC members 
  • Review and update CGC Policies and Procedures
  • Establish and maintain an annual CGC work-plan
  • Develop and maintain an active 2-way communication approach with key CGC stakeholders
Administrative and Reporting Requirements:

(Reports to PMI Board through whom, when, and how?)

  1. Uses standard agenda, note-taking and reporting templates
  2. Written reports to the PMI Board of Directors Governance Committee to review at their July and December meetings.

Resources and Budget:

(In terms of budget, staff, etc.)

  • As identified in the budget approved annually by the PMI Board
  • PMI staff assigned by President and CEO

Committee Composition, Terms, Board and Staff Liaisons:

  • CGC is composed by eight (8) committee members, serving staggered 3-year terms. Members may be reappointed for a maximum of two terms in total via the Board Volunteer Advisory Committee (BVAC) process and approved by the Board
  • Board Communication Point of Contact is Strategy Oversight Committee (SOC) Chair or designee.
  • Staff Liaison and other staff resources are those assigned by the PMI President and CEO.
  • PMI leadership and the Board value and strive for inclusive representation of volunteer leaders on our Board Support Committees that reflects our organization, membership, and profession. Our success today and into the future relies on our ability to capitalize on diverse perspectives and points of view resulting from a balance of race, gender, age, experience, industry, skill set, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other factors deemed relevant. The evaluation, recommendation and appointment process fully appreciates, considers, and is informed by the value derived from diverse representation.
  • 2022 CGC members:
    Name Region Term
    Dora Mejia, PMP, PMI-ACP LATAM 2022-2024
    Maciej Bodych, PMP, PfMP, PMI-ACP EMEA 2022-2024
    Biyi Adeniran, PMP NA 2020-2022
    Steve DelGrosso, PMP NA 2020-2022
    Mark Kwandrans, PMP, PfMP NA 2020-2022
    Mark Rogers, PMP, PgMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, PMI-ACP, PfMP NA 2020-2022
    Mercedes Martinez Sanz, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA EMEA 2021-2023
    Esteban Villegas, PMP, PMI-ACP LATAM 2021-2023
  • The CGC has expressed our desire to the BVAC that we have global representation

Volunteer Requirements, Experience, and Skills:


  • As stated in the Level 1 Candidate Criteria for PMI Board Appointees Policy

Committee Specific:

Required criteria:

  • Holds at least one current PMI or non-PMI professional credential (non-PMI must be included in the submitted resume)
  • Commitment to time demands of service on CGC
  • Commitment to travel internationally
  • Experience in construction, infrastructure, energy, automation, robotics
  • Agile experience in business or technical environment
  • NextGen Project Manager or experience working with NextGen (early career Project Managers)
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in a global business environment
  • Ability to build consensus and communicate effectively in multicultural/multinational environment
  • Maintains professional certifications that would be of value as a CGC member
  • Governance and compliance experience

Committee Chair and Contact Information:

Name: Mark Rogers
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Committee Chair Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Connects with PMI Strategy Oversight Committee (SOC) Chair or designee on an as-needed basis with questions or concerns.
  2. Guides the CGC in accomplishing the purpose detailed in the charter and in accordance with the established Institute policies. Keeps the committee focused.
  3. Ensures all CGC members are fully oriented on the CGC objectives, deliverables and roles/ responsibilities at the Committee's first meeting.
  4. Ensures all CGC members are aware of and adhere to the processes and timing established by the Board for placing items on the Board agenda for discussion and deliberation (i.e., follow the PMI Board calendar); submit completed Board agenda topic forms; ensure that the CGC has consensus approval of items before presentation to the PMI Board
  5. Works toward building a sense of trust, productivity, and camaraderie within the CGC.
  6. Develops a work plan that will allow the CGC to discharge responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
  7. Develops meeting agendas, in coordination with the Executive Liaison, using the standard agenda template.
  8. Conducts meetings of the CGC and directs the communication for CGC matters.
  9. Works to ensure that meeting notes capture consensus agreement items and follow-up actions of the CGC using the standard meeting notes template.
  10. Assigns tasks among the CGC members, as necessary.
  11. Promotes consistent participation and timely connection to all teleconference meetings and addresses nonproductivity within the CGC.
  12. Ensures CGC work is carried out between meetings.
  13. Develops final reports, proposals and supporting documentation for the Board and that the material presented to the Board accurately reflects the work of the CGC and is submitted in a timely fashion.
  14. Provides updates on CGC’s deliverables to the Board’s Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC).
  15. Represents the CGC at PMI Board meetings.
  16. Works toward building a sense of trust and productivity between CGC members
  17. Works with the CGC and Director and Portfolio Leader of Certification Products to review the charter mid-year and offer recommendations to the Board’s Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC) for updates to the following year’s charter.
  18. Transitions the incoming CGC Chair into the role.

Communication Point of Contact Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. The Board Communication Point of Contact (Board CPC) shall connect with the CGC Chair prior to the first team meeting to introduce him/herself and ensure:
    1. CGC Chair understands that the CGC’s purpose is to support the work of the Board and is accountable as defined in the CGC charter, which must be approved by the Board.
    2. Understanding of the CGC charter, especially purpose, deliverables, and reporting process to avoid risk of misinterpretation.
    3. Clarify Board CPC Role and how the Board CPC can support the CGC Chair.
  2. Stress that open communications between the CGC Chair and Board CPC, President and CEO or other Content experts that may be made available to the CGC to answer questions, provide guidance and assist in any way to ensure successful execution of deliverables.
  3. Review PMI Board Meeting Calendar to communicate relevant dates for submitting deliverables, reports, and agenda templates to Governance Committee and final deliverables to the Board. The Board CPC is encouraged to review the submittals with the CGC Chair prior to submission.
  4. Affirm staff liaison roles including the Volunteer Engagement Liaison (VEL) (appointed staff member who acts as a liaison to volunteer groups and aid them in achieving their annual deliverables) and their ability to provide access to necessary governing documents, agenda, reporting templates or any other document considered relevant for the execution of the CGC work plan.
  5. Connect with the CGC Chair to advise the Board's official position about certain issues or risks that may impact the CGC’s work plan or deliverables.
  6. If there are issues that cannot be resolved, the Board CPC should discuss the matter with the PMI Board Chair.
  7. Affirm that the CGC Chair will communicate the Board CPC role and other Charter items with the team members. 

Applicable Governing Documents:

(In addition to the below, identify sections from PMI's governance documents specifically related to roles and responsibilities of this committee.)

  1. Rule of the Board 6.6, Board Support Committees
  2. Rule of the Board 12.1, Board and Board Committees Code of Conduct.
  3. Strategic Plan, specifically Core Value on Volunteerism: Volunteers and effective volunteer partnerships with staff are the best way to accomplish the Institute's goals and objectives
  4. Institute Policies:
    1. Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
    2. Conflict of Interest Policy
    3. Confidentiality and Records Compliance Agreement
    4. Candidate Criteria for PMI Board Appointees
    5. Contractor/Volunteer Electronic Systems and Communications Policy
    6. Social Media Participation Guidelines for PMI Volunteers
    7. Complaint, Dispute, and Grievance Policy
    8. PMI Volunteer Travel & Expense Policy
    9. Volunteer Records Management Policy
  5. CGC Policies and Procedures

Version #: 1
Date: 15 September 2021
Description: 2022 CGC Charter