Project Management Institute

Introducing “Straight Talk with Sunil”

25 April 2019

Hi, everyone.

We’re launching a video series called “Straight Talk with Sunil.” We’ll explore topics that are timely and relevant to PMI and our various stakeholders – in a very simple 1:1 or 1:2 format. No spin – just straightforward discussion. In this first instalment, I sat down for a chat with Murat Bicak, EVP of Strategy, and Mike DePrisco, VP of Global Solutions.

We’ve provided this first conversation in three digestible chunks – under 9 minutes each. Feel free to watch them all at once, or watch them at two or three different times when your schedule allows:

  1. The first video features Murat focusing on PMI’s strategy;
  2. The second video features Mike focusing on PMI’s product portfolio; and
  3. The third video features a quick Q&A among us about the topics above.

This is part of our effort to improve two-way communication, so we will tweak and improve it as we go. Your honest feedback is really important to making this new video series successful and useful.

- Sunil