Project Management Institute

Straight Talk With Sunil: Episode 10

9 September 2020

Hi, everyone!

Due to COVID-19, it has been some time since our last edition of “Straight Talk with Sunil.” But we’re back!

I recently sat down with several members of the PMI Board of Directors for some brief, but wide-ranging conversations on their contributions and perspectives on the PMI community.

I encourage you to spend a few minutes watching each of these brief talks; I learned a lot, and know that you will too.

Part 1: Departing PMI Board Directors

I sat down with the members rolling off of the Board at the end of the year - but not, I would add, leaving our community! I enjoyed hearing their reflections about the course of their service and their perspective on the future:

  • Cathy LaTona
  • Jennifer Tharp
  • Davidson Frame

Part 2: Previous Board Chairs

 Serving as the Chair of the PMI Board is a big commitment, but enormously rewarding – that’s what I learned from chatting with three members who have been there:

  • Beth Partleton, Board Chair 2011
  • Randy Black, Board Chair 2018
  • Tony Appleby, Board Chair 2019

Part 3: Committee Chair Leads

I caught up with the respective chairs of our Board committees:

  • Cathy LaTona, Compensation Committee Chair
  • Tejas Sura, Strategy Oversight Committee Chair
  • Galen Townson, Audit Committee Chair

Thanks and enjoy these discussions!

Best regards,