Straight Talk With Sunil: Episode 13 – PMI's Newest Board Directors, Part 1

12 March 2021

PMI is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors — comprised of volunteers and respected leaders who represent a range of sectors and regions, but share a common passion for the global PMI community.

The Board plays an invaluable role in supporting the organization's leadership team, shaping PMI's strategy for the future, and serving as a steady source of guidance and expertise.

President and CEO Sunil Prashara sat down with the four newest members of the Board, who were recently added to serve 3 year terms:

In the first portion of the discussion, Sunil connected with Matt and Pablo - please check out their conversation below:

Part 1 – Welcome Matt and Pablo!

Sunil welcomes Matt Tomlinson and Pablo Lledo to the Board of Directors. Matt and Pablo share their backgrounds, history with PMI, and goals for the coming term. (4:45)

Part 2 – PMI 4.0 and "Changemakers"

Sunil and our newest Board Directors explore PMI's aspirations for the new 4.0 strategy in a discussion of the evolving nature of projects and what it means to "make change". (3:41)

Part 3 – The Regional Focus and Managing Directors

In Part 3 of this discussion, Sunil and Pablo connect on PMI's evolution to a truly global organization organized around a regional approach to serving the PMI community of stakeholders. The Directors discuss how Managing Directors and a local focus enables a profound expansion of PMI's reach and social impact. (3:31)

Part 4 – Leading Transformation, at PMI and Beyond

When it comes to transformation, PMI leads by example. Sunil and Matt discuss the jump from 2.0 to 4.0, and how PMI is leveraging our own transformation to take leadership in the space. The conversation shifts to Brightline's transformation leadership and Pablo shares his experience from his success. (5:10)

Part 5 – What Excites our New Directors?

Sunil encourages Pablo and Matt to share what excites them the most about all that is going on at PMI. (4:02)

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