Straight Talk With Sunil: Episode 13 – PMI's Newest Board Directors, Part 2

19 March 2021

PMI is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors – comprised of volunteers and respected leaders who represent a range of sectors and regions, but share a common passion for the global PMI community.

The Board plays an invaluable role in supporting the organization's leadership team, shaping PMI's strategy for the future, and serving as a steady source of guidance and expertise.

President and CEO Sunil Prashara sat down with the four newest members of the Board, who were recently elected to serve 3 year terms:

In part two of our introduction to PMI's newest Board Directors, Sunil sat down with Agnieszka and Ike; have a listen to their conversation below:

Part 6  - Title: Welcome Aga and Ike! 

Sunil welcomes Agnieszka Maria Gasperini and Ike Nwankwo to PMI's Board of Directors. "Aga" and Ike introduce themselves, their professional background, and how they found their way to PMI. (5:30)

Part 7 - Title: Realizing 4.0 - How do we get there? 

Sunil asks Ike and Aga to discuss their aspirations for 4.0. Ike explores maintaining alignment, collaboration, and working with chapters, while Aga takes a laser focus on PMI's Talent Triangle and the critical importance of Power Skills. (5:46)

Part 8 - Title: COVID: Challenges, opportunities, and emerging from the crisis 

Sunil and Ike directors discuss how the pandemic forced profound and rapid transformation across all parts of The Project Economy, touching on rapid digitization, democratization of talent, and PMI’s role at the center of enabling change. (4:55)

Part 9 - Title: Getting closer and delighting our Stakeholders 

Aga offers a front line take on the evolution of PMI in to a truly global organization with strong regional leadership. Finding new perspectives and mechanisms to truly unlock PMI’s global reach give our community an outsized impact, and this is best accomplished by staying as close to possible to local leaders and stakeholders. (4:22)

Part 10 - Title: PMI's focus on Social Good

Social responsibility is central to PMI's focus moving forward on driving global impact. Our newest Board Directors share how the broader PMI community of practitioners and volunteers give back to their communities and tackle social challenges. (5:12)

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