Project Management Institute

PMI Update: My First 10 Days

13 March 2019

Ten days into my role, and it has been a whirlwind of meetings, flights, hotels, presentations and dinners as I begin to immerse myself in the job.

I’m on a red eye flight back to London from Stockholm, after spending two amazing days with the Executive Committee preparing for the next Board Meeting and defining the main issues and priorities for the leadership team. The highlight of my visit to Stockholm was meeting with the Swedish Chapter leadership and learning from founder Patrik Bergstrom about how he started the chapter… and how current President Cecilia Svensson juggles her passion for PMI and the PMI community with work and family commitments. She taught me that you can approach new situations from a position of fear… or a position of love. Her spiritual outlook on life was enlightening, encouraging and timely.

Drinking from a fire hose is an understatement. In the last three days, I have received over 800 LinkedIn invites, 12,000+ (5000% increase) LinkedIn profile views, 400+ messages on Facebook, and over 1,000 welcome emails. I’ve even received a multi-page document on what PMI should (and shouldn’t) be doing, including specific expectations of me. The worldwide passion for PMI is clearly deep and meaningful.

My week began with an amazing all-hands meeting at our Philadelphia HQ, where I had the opportunity to introduce myself and take questions from a packed hall of employees and global WebEx participants—followed by a walk around our offices to meet and introduce myself to as many folks as I could. I tried to meet every functional area: from facilities management to certifications, chapter support to marketing and digital strategy. I’m overwhelmed by the warmth, hospitality and dedication of every single person I have met, reinforcing my delight in joining such an amazing and meaningful company.

During the week, some of my priorities and focus areas started to emerge. For decades, PMI has remained a very relevant, successful, and purposeful nonprofit organization. We should be proud of this heritage, but we also need to recognize the need to develop and evolve just as the world evolves around us. Why? We have to maintain our relevance as an institution to ensure that our members, staff and chapters remain relevant as practitioners, thought leaders and project management professionals.

There’s a lot of great work already underway to support our evolution. A digital transformation program that will pick up momentum in 2019. A strategy review that’s incorporating input from members, chapters, the Board of Directors, the market, and global trends to establish where PMI will fit in the future. Initiatives to develop our current portfolio of products and services to look beyond what’s coming next. There’s focus on building our presence across wider communities including more enterprises, more governments, academia and more individuals. And above all, there remains the laser focus and unwavering commitment to providing more value to our members, volunteers, PMI practitioners and chapters.

In addition to delivering measurable results for these activities, I am also committing to provide regular, transparent and meaningful communications with employees, members, volunteers and valued partners so as to keep you all up to date with the initiatives underway.

So... onto the next packed and exciting week. After catching my breath today, I head to Zurich for my first Global Executive Council meeting. Then onto Singapore to meet with some of our colleagues from the Singapore Chapter, before heading to my first Board meeting in the U.S. I’ll update everyone again after Day 20. Take care, all—and thank you for making my first 10 days tiring, but wonderful.