Project Management Institute

PMI Update: My First 30 Days

4 April 2019

Hi, everyone. What an amazing first month in my role as President and CEO at PMI.

I can honestly say that I’m more excited and motivated than ever to work on behalf of the organization and all of you. Since I last wrote, I’ve been busy coming up the learning curve. I attended my first full PMI Board of Directors meeting – interacting with the entire Board for the first time since my interviews earlier this year. Board meeting attendees include my Executive Leadership Team (ELT), who field the really tough questions. : ) It’s good to see the positive interactions between the Board and our ELT; together, they provide strong leadership for PMI.

Over the last couple of weeks, I attended several PMI events and talked to hundreds of volunteers, Chapter leaders, members, PMI employees and partners from around the world to get a better sense of PMI as a whole. These interactions included attending the PMI Singapore Chapter Symposium and the Global Executive Council. I also got the opportunity to meet with Chapter leads from the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Wine Country. I’m getting heaps of suggestions and ideas – which is so helpful.

In my last message to you, I mentioned my focus on improving two-way communication, accelerating our digital transformation, overseeing a strategy review for the organization, and ensuring that we are laser focused on providing value to each of you and the organizations you serve.

I’d now like to add three more focus areas: globalization, PMI product/service development, and Brightline.

  1. Globalization
    During March, I received feedback from around the world that we should be doing more to support the global PMI community. I deliberately went to meet with the Singapore Chapter as it was as far from Philadelphia GHQ as possible – to hear from them, and others, how much influence and support they were receiving from PMI. Whilst we have a great local PMI team helping across the APAC region, I feel that the Chapters are keen to be more involved and contribute toward the future activities of PMI globally – perhaps in such areas as digitization activities, regional strategy, product development, etc. I have received similar feedback across other Chapters and stakeholders in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Whilst these are just a few data points and one shouldn’t generalize, we may be a little too U.S.-centric. With that in mind, I’m going to look at how we can better involve our global Chapters.
  2. Product/Service Development
    To date, we see continued growth in demand for the PMP – especially in China. However, overall the growth is slowing. Whilst we have launched other certifications like ACP and PfMP, these are taking time to be adopted. I believe that we need to accelerate our efforts in creating more products and services to enable the Project Manager of today and the future. Earlier this week, Executive VP of Strategy, Murat Bicak and VP of Global Solutions, Mike DePrisco and I recorded a discussion specifically on this topic. We’ll share that with you shortly, and ask for your direct feedback and ideas via live Q&A… coming soon.
  3. Brightline
    I recently sat down with Brightline Executive Director, Ricardo Vargas and Murat to discuss the details of our Brightline initiative. This is a unique program aimed at bridging the gap between strategy design and delivery. Ricardo and his team have done an amazing job in “landing” the importance of linking strategy to reality, and advocating for the need to have a strong connection between a plan and its delivery. The work to-date has rightly focused on the challenges facing the role of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), and we have established a strong point of view with our fellow Coalition Partners on this. Now, we are bringing Brightline closer to the practical world of the Project Manager by integrating the CSO remit with that of the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO), i.e. focusing on the competencies needed to deliver on the projects arising from the work of the CSO. Over the course of 2019, you will see the Brightline and PMI frameworks converging to better serve all of you and the organizations you represent.

In summary, I’ve highlighted six areas of focus which we will now begin to “double-click” on and I will update you regularly on these objectives and our progress. I’m introducing a new communication tool to get your feedback directly: monthly discussions with ELT members or other leaders on a topic that is relevant to our stakeholders, followed by live Q&A from any of you who would like to participate. Look for a link to the first of these very soon, and roughly monthly thereafter. I hope that you will take the time to give us your thoughts and suggestions.

It has been an exciting first month, and I will update you again around my 60-day mark. In the meantime, I encourage you to reach out to me here at [email protected] or on one of the monthly video chats coming up. Thank you for your ongoing support of PMI and our work together.