Project Management Institute

PMI Update: Reflecting on our past, launching into our future

16 October 2019

Hi, all! Since my last update, you will have seen we started to initiate a number of changes at PMI.

Most noticeably is our new our look! With 3 October marking our momentous 50th anniversary, it felt like the perfect time to not just reflect on the past…but to launch boldly into the future. 

Our new brand, which you hear all about in the latest Straight Talk with Sunil episode with VP of Brand Management, Cindy Anderson, reflects our sophistication AND our relatability, our experience AND our desire to experiment with the new. Refreshing our brand is just one way we’re transforming to help project management professionals around the world prepare for The Project Economy: the coming economy in which work, and individuals, are organized around projects.

In my May update, I mentioned our new organizational structure driven by our PMI 2.0 pillars: Strategic Focus, Organizational Agility and Customer Centricity. These past few months, we have been delivering strong against these pillars. 

We opened offices in London and China. In August, we opened a small London office located centrally in the London Bridge area. This strategic location, together with the Brussels and Dubai offices, serves as a bridge among stakeholders in the important region of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Also, marking our fourth office in China is our new office in Chengdu City, an increasingly influential economic hub of strategic importance in southern China. We also expanded our footprint in our Beijing office to accommodate the exponential growth we are experiencing throughout the country. 

We added members to our regional leadership to amplify our global impact. In August, Otema Yirenkyi joined PMI as Vice President, Global Engagement and is also responsible for PMI’s Africa region. In September, we made four additions: Srini Srinivasan joined us as General Manager of PMI India, Ben Breen as Managing Director of the ASEAN region, Beth Gollogly as Vice President of Global Operations, and Grace Najjar, Managing Director of the Middle East. To further support globalization, Otema and Bob Chen, our Managing Director of China, are now members of our Executive Leadership Team.

We acquired two powerful agile resources. In August, we acquired Disciplined Agile (DA). Learn what’s unique about DA and the value it will bring to PMI’s many stakeholders in this quick podcast with our VP of Corporate Development Dave Garrett and DA co-founder Mark Lines. We also acquired FLEX from Net Objectives in September. It’s an approach that helps organizations understand “what’s not working” at a system level, identify bottlenecks and then eliminate them to improve workflows. Together, FLEX and DA will offer solutions to address organizations’ major pain points. The result is stronger business outcomes, faster.

We’ve expanded credentialing offerings with Pearson VUE. We announced in April that we expanded our partnership with Pearson VUE to offer more testing options for professionals looking to earn PMI certifications at all stages of their career. And as of July 1, this has expanded to U.S. military personnel. All of our certification exams are now available to take at Pearson VUE-Authorized Test Centers at U.S. military bases.

We’re changing how we transact with members. We heard consistent feedback from stakeholders around the globe that payment options stood as a challenge to engaging with us. That’s why in August, we launched a pilot program to accept payments in Brazilian reals and Indian rupees when professionals purchase or renew PMI memberships via credit card. It’s going very well and we are already seeing improvements in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to illustrate that customers appreciate this effort. The pilot’s next phase is exploring payment plans and local price parity structures.

We’re changing the PMP certification exam – in a big way. Every 3-5 years, we conduct research to adjust our exam content so it remains relevant to the profession. Now we’re changing the exam to include both predictive and agile/hybrid approaches to project management. Also, instead of five domains, the exam will focus on three domains: People, Process, and Business Environment. When we announced this change in June, stakeholders immediately began sharing feedback and the consensus was they felt they needed more time to prepare. In response to that customer input, we made the decision to delay the PMP exam change until 1 July 2020.

Lastly, we hosted an INCREDIBLE LIM and Global Conference! For the first time in 20 years, we hosted our Global Conference in our hometown -- how fitting for our anniversary! We had an impressive turnout of chapter leaders for our Leadership Institute Meeting – a group that is near and dear to PMI’s heart for their commitment and engagement with us – and each other. Global Conference keynote events included a thought-provoking keynote from best-selling author Adam Grant, an informative “fireside chat” featuring respected global executives and thinkers from Accenture, Tech Mahindra and Stanford University, and a compelling series of live TED Talks curated specifically for PMI. Finally, we debuted our first-ever 50 Most Influential Projects of the Past 50 Years list to demonstrate how project management has impacted our world. Representatives from some of our Most Influential Projects list joined us to celebrate, including:

  • Apollo 11
  • Chernobyl Cleanup
  • Hayabusa
  • Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais
  • IBM Watson
  • International Space Station
  • KivuWatt
  • League of Legends
  • Singapore Changi Airport
  • WeChat
  • Wikipedia
  • Changi Airport

A big thank you to all the PMI staff, volunteers, and amazing conference attendees who made our North America LIM and Global Conference such a success!

The last few months have been chock-full of reminiscing on our first 50 years, but also so much new content and offerings. It’s all in an effort to prepare stakeholders like you for what’s ahead. Regardless of where you are in your career – or in the world – PMI is committed to providing what you need to be successful and essential in your work. 

I’m excited for what the rest of 2019 has to offer, as well as 2020 and beyond. Hold on tight!

Best regards,