Project Management Institute

A Message from President & CEO Sunil Prashara

One Team, One Song, One Dance: Standing for Equality, Justice, and Inclusion

Sunil Prashara

Hello all,

I have been deeply saddened to watch predominantly peaceful protests in several United States cities marred by shocking scenes of illegal violence and looting. We should remind ourselves of the global context of these developments, as seen from footage of people marching for equality in other parts of the world.

The events of the past week have shined a spotlight on issues of racial injustice that are still far too prevalent around the world. Sadly, racial prejudice remains a barrier to human progress across the globe. Discrimination faced by too many just because of their color and creed - historically marginalized populations, indigenous populations and immigrants.

What makes this even more shameful is that the racial tensions are yet again emerging at a time when all humankind is threatened by common challenges like COVID-19. We should be showing unity in building for a more sustainable future in a show of togetherness like never before. Yet deep fractures continue to divide and wound our society.

Let me be very clear, whilst racism and bigotry can indeed raise its ugly head anywhere, the world over – such hate will have no place at PMI. Period.

Since the start of our Association over 50 years ago, we have been coming together across geographies and cultures to make a difference and build a Global Project Management Community. And we will continue to strive and honor the diversity that enriches our unique organization. We will always be One Team with One Song and One Dance – no matter what creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, or position of our people. I’ve often said that project professionals are change makers and it’s an honor to lead this Association.

Members of the PMI community from our staff to our amazing chapter members, volunteers, and certification holders have always risen to the task of leading with empathy, compassion, and optimism. Let us bring that same spirit of unity with us as we move forward. This is when we are at our best.

It’s natural to feel a sense of despair in times like this but we should all try to, as Gandhi said, “be the change we want to see in the world”. So, today at PMI, we are enhancing our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion efforts. Stay tuned.

On behalf of PMI, I offer my total support and encouragement for you to stay safe wherever you are, and to stay engaged with PMI staff, your peers, chapters, volunteer leaders, and one another.

Best Wishes,