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Straight Talk With Sunil: Global Accounts, Government Relations, Knowledge Initiative and more

8 May 2020

Hello, everyone. In this episode of “Straight Talk with Sunil,” I am having a wide-ranging conversation with Mary Pat Kessler. Mary Pat is our Director of Global Accounts; however, she wears many hats. We talk about the role of PMI’s Government Relations team in promoting project management at the state and federal levels, what ad sales are, and the new Knowledge Initiative.

I am especially excited about the Knowledge Initiative. It a unique combination of experiential thought leadership and a knowledge network. Its objective is to deliver value to our stakeholders in areas related to the new work ecosystem, industry points of view, global sustainability challenges, and other topics.

In this conversation, I also share my thoughts on what “10x growth” is beyond mere numbers. Mary Pat shares her ideas of growth and providing value at PMI.

Part 1: The role of the Government Relations team
Part 2: What are ad sales?
Part 3: What is the Knowledge Initiative?
Part 4: Your experience and background

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