Project Management Institute

Straight Talk With Sunil: “Back Office” Operations Serving You

16 April 2020

Hello, everyone. I am pleased to provide you all with a triple dose of “Straight Talk With Sunil” videos recorded earlier this year. In these episodes, I wanted to bring some of our “back office” and support operations closer to you. We work hard to ensure that we are providing good service to our stakeholders around the world, so we are happy to share details about how we deliver for all of you in the areas of Customer Care, IT Operations and Marketing. Each of the videos is under 15 minutes, so I encourage you to view them as you schedule allows. And, as usual, we also provide the transcripts for you to read, or the “audio only” files if you just want to listen.

Episode 6: Devyn Colson

Director, IT Operations

Episode 7: Mark Emery

Director, Customer Care

Episode 8: Christine Toto

Director, Marketing and Customer Development


I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about these service areas, and I welcome your feedback.