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Straight Talk with Sunil: Chapter Development

31 July 2019

Greetings to the PMI family!

I’m pleased to share the third episode of “Straight Talk with Sunil (STWS),” where I chat with Brantlee Underhill, Director of Chapters and Volunteers for PMI. Brantlee provides a good overview of the support we provide to chapters around the world, and I ask some tough questions about membership fees, chapter organization and requirements, the relationship of chapters to R.E.P.s, and lots more! I hope you enjoy the conversation; I know I did.

We’re also introducing several new features with this episode:

  1. We have created CEO Corner on the website. That’s a place where we will permanently house all my emails and “Straight Talk” episodes that I’ve sent to you. So, if you’ve lost a previous email or want to share STWS video content with your associates or mates, you can simply go straight to CEO Corner to see everything there. At that site – and in direct response to suggestions from many of YOU – we’re also providing a "transcript only" version of the videos (for those of you who want to read it, but not watch it), as well as “audio only” files (for those who want to listen, but not watch). We will keep improving with your suggestions and input.
  2. We’re also launching a new feature at the front and back of each STWS episode: “Speed Round” questions. Stakeholders from around the world ask me a direct question of their choosing, and I answer it as simply and directly as I can! We’ve got loads of questions in the queue and we’ll be sharing them in some other places also. Stay tuned to learn how you can ask me your direct question, too.

And with that, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Part 1
Part 2

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