Joseph Cahill, CPA/MBA, Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration

As Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration, Joseph Cahill is responsible for following areas of the business: accounting and finance, business process improvement, investment management, and portfolio management. He also provides executive leadership for human resources, facilities, customer care, program administration and application processing.

Mr. Cahill brings over 25 years of finance and senior leadership experience to PMI including business and strategic planning, enterprise system implementation and new business development. Across technology, manufacturing and energy sectors, Mr. Cahill has effectively helped build companies and lead change in large organizations. Prior to joining PMI, he served as Chief Financial Officer for Priton, UgMO Technologies and Gamesa Technology Corporation, and served as Finance Director for Unisys Corporation.

Mr. Cahill is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, USA, with a Bachelor of Science in accounting and finance, received an MBA with a concentration in international business from Villanova University, USA, and attained licensure as a Certified Public Accountant with the state of Pennsylvania.


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