Project Management Institute

Ethics Member Advisory Group Charter

Effective Date and Duration: 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2019

Member Advisory Group Purpose:

The Ethics MAG works in partnership with PMI Legal Staff as the Global Advocates in educating PMI members, certificate-holders and non-member volunteers regarding the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (the “Code”). The MAG acts as Product Leader in creating tools and techniques to facilitate stakeholder understanding and application of the Code, identifies improvements, facilitates translations to the 10 official languages of the Code, communicates ethics related issues, and interfaces with the Ethics Review Committee to share knowledge, expertise and content.

  • Facilitate Code learning & discussion to achieve adherence to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (“The Code”).
  • Facilitate communications with stakeholders regarding “The Code”.
  • Promote “The Code” as a global best practice.
  • Research trends and practical application of ethics within the profession.
  • Monitor the usage of “The Code” by stakeholders.
  • Recommend principles and procedures for the periodic review and/or amendment of “The Code” and related documents.


  • Develop and launch ethics education tools/resources for use by all members, credential holders and other practitioners.
  • Develop, review and recommend ethics related material to be published through PMI publications and social media.
  • Develop a process for periodic review and/or amendment of “The Code”, to be presented to the PMI Board of Directors for approval.
  • Facilitate Code learning & discussion to achieve adherence at selected venues/events/sessions/webinars.
  • Review, prioritize, and as appropriate execute projects from the ESM Task Team’s proposal.

Administrative and Reporting Requirements:

  • Uses standard agenda, note-taking, and reporting templates
  • Provides progress reports to the Volunteer Engagement Liaison when requested
  • Volunteer participation is contingent upon: regular attendance of meetings, active participation in volunteer group activities and commitment to deliverables in addition to compliance to the PMI Confidentiality agreement and PMI Conflict of Interest policy
  • Participates in:
    • Monthly Team Meeting (virtual)
    • Two in person meetings each year
      • Leadership Institute Volunteer Planning Meeting
      • Leadership Institute Meeting TBD

Resources and Budget:

  • As identified in the budget approved annually by the PMI Board
  • PMI staff assigned by President and CEO
  • Webinar Tool (in coordination with liaison)
  • Survey Tool (in coordination with liaison)
  • Conference Bridge (in coordination with liaison)
  • Approved annual program plan and budget

Member Advisory Group Composition and Terms:

5-15 committee members, serving staggered 3 year terms with the option to apply for an additional 3 years, as approved by the Ethics MAG Manager.

Volunteer Engagement Liaison and other staff resources as assigned by the PMI President and CEO

Volunteer Requirements, Experience, and Skills


  • Member in good standing for two years
  • Currently not involved in any other PMI volunteer activities
  • Has no conflict of interest (all PMI members and volunteers are bound to Rule of the Board 12.1, Board Member’s Code of Conduct and the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct)

It is PMI’s practice to not select/appoint individuals for PMI Volunteer Leadership positions who are already engaged in a leadership role within PMI or its Chapters. This is to reflect the level of commitment needed for such volunteer leadership roles and the desire to encourage volunteer participation through as wide a range of individuals as possible. This limitation does not apply to participation on content development teams in a non-leadership role.

Member Advisory Group Specific:

  • Experience and/or strong interest in Ethics

Staff Information

Name: William G. Scarborough
Title: Vice President & General Counsel
E-mail Address:

Name: Leah Brophy
Title: Manager, Corporate Governance
E-mail Address:

Name: Julie Martin
Title: Policy & Ethics Compliance Administrator
E-mail Address:

Applicable Governing Documents

  • PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Strategic Plan, specifically Core Value on Volunteerism: Volunteers and effective volunteer partnerships with staff are the best way to accomplish the Institute's goals and objectives
  • Institute Policies:
    - Confidentiality Policy
    - Conflict of Interest Policy
    - Contractor/Volunteer Electronic Systems and Communications Policy
    - Volunteer Records Management Policy
    - Volunteer Travel Policy
    - Social Media Guidelines for Volunteers
  • Guidelines for the Conduct of PMI GOC Volunteers
  • GOC Volunteers Volunteer Expense Report

Charter Approval

All Member Advisory Group charters must annually be approved by the President and Chief Executive Officer for the subsequent year and posted to the Governance page on

Version #: 1
Date: 15 November - July 2019
Description: Updated for 2019