Project Management Institute

Region Mentors Advisory Group Charter

Effective Date and Duration: 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2019

Member Advisory Group Purpose:

Region Mentors (RM) work with PMI Global Chapter Development Department staff in support of PMI Chapters around the globe. They provide advice, guidance and leadership to PMI chapter leaders to develop their leadership capabilities and ensure member value delivery to build strong local chapter performance. Region Mentors act as a resource and indispensable partner with PMI staff (Chapter Partners) regarding programs, policies and procedures that enable and focus chapters on operational success in growing membership community and supporting practitioner career development. RMs represent the interests of PMI chapter leaders to PMI global chapter staff in the areas of program implementations, volunteer professional development and continuous chapter value delivery. RMs are expected to maintain a balanced perspective between the needs of PMI and the global chapter leaders in consideration of the PMI strategic plan and overall vision of membership growth and service.


  • Work Collaboratively with Chapter Partner/Chapter Administrator staff to support chapters.
  • Develop, submit, and execute region mentor action plans each January at LIVPM with support from chapter staff to serve assigned region
    • Provide region self-assessment reports as scheduled with chapter staff based on region action plans
    • Manage budget in accordance with region action plans
  • Assist as needed PMI staff and chapter leadership with completion of assigned chapters’ annual charter renewals towards achievement of Chapter goals according to annual chapter plans in support of PMI’s overall Strategic Plan.
  • Support deliverables tied to chapter formation and/or reorganization, including business plan development
  • Provide chapter leadership mentoring through communication, collaboration and education as directed by chapter staff
    • Facilitate leader networking through PMI region and leadership online community sites
    • Administer region site to facilitate region development planning and sharing of best practices
  • Provide feedback to PMI for enhancement and refinement of existing or potential tools, services, and processes for chapters
  • Facilitate the organization and execution of at least one LI Region leadership meeting annually in alignment with the Region Meeting Support Program in collaboration with the Chapter Partner/Administrator
  • Facilitate with chapter staff the organization and execution of Monthly/Quarterly Presidents Call and other chapter leader calls as planned
  • Provide guidance to chapter members/leaders regarding chapter conflicts per PMI’s conflict resolution program guidelines
  • Support the transition and development of identified successor during the shadow year in accordance with the transition plan
  • Participate in opportunities to support PMI’s outreach and advocacy efforts as appropriate in collaboration with PMI staff

Administrative and Reporting Requirements:

  • Region Mentors are accountable to the Vice President, Global Membership and Chapters and report to the respective Manager, Chapter Development. On a day-to-day basis the mentors interact with their assigned regional Chapter staff
  • Orientation of new mentors occurs a year in advance of the term by "shadowing" the current mentor and participating in the Mentor Shadow Year Orientation program
  • Webinars and teleconferences are scheduled as needed to provide updates and connectivity to PMI programs, services and information between CD staff and Region Mentors
  • Attend the Leadership Institute Volunteer Planning Meeting (LIVPM) in January in Philadelphia.
  • Attend the North American Leadership Institute Meeting and the Leadership Institute Meeting in respective macro region (applicable to EMEA & Asia Pacific in 2019))
  • Provides progress and/or trip reports to the chapter partner as requested and following region meetings and chapter visits
  • Volunteer assignment is contingent upon: regular attendance of meetings, active participation in volunteer group activities, and commitment to compliance to the PMI Confidentially agreement and PMI Conflict of Interest policy as signed by Region Mentors

Resources and Budget:

Each Region Mentor is paired with regional Chapter staff from the Global Chapter Development Department who support the mentors’ training and usage of the following.

  • Volunteer Resource Centre
  • Online Leadership Communities (Region and Leadership sites)
  • Webinar Tool
  • Survey Tool
  • Conference Bridge
  • Access to the Chapter Reporting System (CRS) and Component System (CS)
  • PMI E-mail addresses
  • PMI business cards
  • PMI staff assigned by the PMI President and CEO
  • Region Mentor budgets identified in the Global Chapter Development budget approved annually by the PMI Board

Member Advisory Group Composition and Terms:

  • PMI has 16 Regions comprised of 21 mentors. 1 Mentor per Region, serving three-year terms with the option to be assigned for a 4th year, as approved by the respective regional Chapter Development Manager
  • Volunteer Engagement Liaison and other staff resources as assigned by the PMI President and CEO

Volunteer Requirements, Experience, and Skills

Region Mentor Specific:

  • Each Region Mentor is identified through an open call for qualified volunteers through the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS)
  • Selection is based on qualifications and the results of a phone or in person interview in alignment with the program charter

Mentors must meet the following qualifications (exceptions can be approved by Chapter Development Managers):

  • Must have served in an elected leadership role with a PMI chapter within the last three (3) years. Must have served as a chapter president. Strong knowledge of chapter operations and PMI Chapter tools and resources
  • Possess strong communications, organization, facilitation, and leadership skills
  • Demonstrates effective volunteer partnerships with staff to accomplish the Institute's goals and objectives
  • Proficient in English
  • Demonstrated conflict management skills
  • Previous experience working in a multi-cultural environment desirable
  • Demonstrated accomplishments in a leadership position
  • Able to work independently and virtually to complete deliverables as required by PMI and chapter leadership in region
  • Strong understanding of PMI’s goals, principles and strategic direction
  • Strong understanding of PMI Member Advisory Groups
  • Must live/reside in the region for which they are appointed Region Mentor (exceptions determined by CD Managers)
  • Must be able to attend up to two (2) Leadership Institute Meetings (LIM) including North America and the LIVPM annually in January (Philadelphia)
  • May not concurrently hold an elected or volunteer position for any other PMI Committee, community, project, etc. while in mentor role
  • May hold honorary positions related to past positions as Chair/President

Staff Information

Name: Brantlee Underhill
Title - Director - Chapters and Volunteers
Emails Address:

Name: Andreia Marqueti
Title: Manager – Chapter Development, Latin America
E-mail Address:

Name: Lysan Drabon
Title: Manager – Chapter Development, Europe
E-mail Address:

Name: SoHyun Kang
Title: Manager – Chapter Development, Asia Pacific
E-mail Address:

Name: Chris Mairs 
Title: Global Chapter Development Associate (VEL)
E-mail Address:

Applicable Governing Documents

(In addition to the below, identify sections from PMI’s governance documents specifically related to roles and responsibilities of this member advisory group.)

  • PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Strategic Plan, specifically Core Value on Volunteerism: Volunteers and effective volunteer partnerships with staff are the best way to accomplish the Institute's goals and objectives
  • Institute Policies:
    • Confidentiality Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Contractor/Volunteer Electronic Systems and Communications Policy
    • Volunteer Records Management Policy
    • Volunteer Travel Policy
    • Social Media Guidelines for Volunteers
  • Guidelines for the Conduct of PMI GOC Volunteers
  • GOC Volunteers Volunteer Expense Report

Charter Approval

All Member Advisory Group charters must annually be approved by the President and Chief Executive Officer for the subsequent year and posted to the Governance page on

Version #: 1
Date: 17 October 2018
Description: Updated for 2019