Chapter Member Advisory Group Charter

Effective Date and Duration: 01 January 2018 to 31 December 2018

Member Advisory Group Purpose:

The Chapter Member Advisory Group (CMAG) works in partnership with PMI Chapter Development management in support of the purpose of chapters: 1) building & growing chapter membership community and 2) supporting practitioner career development. The CMAG provides advice, support, and coaching to help recognize and deliver chapter value globally. Assists with identifying critical learning and leadership opportunities for chapter volunteers at the Leadership Institute Meetings (LIM) and with collaboration towards the Region Mentor Program. Additionally, the CMAG supports PMI Chapter Development management with annual planning and provides guidance with operational programs, applying knowledge and expertise to the global chapter community as necessary. The CMAG represents PMI to global chapter leaders in the areas of program implementations, professional development and continuous chapter value delivery. The CMAG is expected to maintain a balanced perspective between the needs of PMI and the global volunteer leadership group – in consideration of the PMI strategic plan and overall vision of membership growth and service.


  • Act as advisor to Chapter Development department in support of effective chapter management, leadership and volunteer development, on a broad spectrum of PMI programs, products and services in correlation to chapter value delivery or support as requested by PMI
  • Work with Chapter Development management to improve the way chapters serve their members by determining and sharing best practices, developing and reviewing frameworks, guidelines and programs, and effectively advising volunteer leadership as appropriate
  • Identify, and present as requested, critical learning topics and leadership development opportunities for chapter leaders that PMI delivers both in person and virtually through the PMI Leadership Institute Program
  • Provide support, coaching and mentoring to Region Mentors (RM), as requested by PMI staff and Region Mentors. Participate in the recruitment, orientation, onboarding and leadership development of new Region Mentors as requested
  • Act as a sounding board for programs that impact chapters including support of communications for new initiatives 
  • Ensure that programmatic and technology related matters, issues, and concerns are vetted within the MAG and if additional guidance is necessary, communicate with appropriate department via the assigned staff liaison
  • Collaborate and support best practice sharing with other PMI groups (i.e. MAGs) to gain a better perspective on Chapter Development programs and initiatives that will/can affect other parts of the organization 

Administrative and Reporting Requirements:

  • Uses standard agenda, note-taking, and reporting templates
  • Provides progress reports to the Volunteer Engagement Liaison when requested
  • Travel Requirements:
    • Leadership Institute Volunteer Planning Meeting (January)
    • Two to three CMAG members to Latin America Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM)
    • Three to four CMAG members to Europe, Middle East and Africa LIM
    • All CMAG members attend North America LIM
    • One mid-year CMAG Planning Meeting
  • Monthly Teleconference/Webinar team meeting (webinar)
  • Volunteer assignment is contingent upon: regular attendance of meetings, active participation in volunteer group activities and commitment to deliverables in addition to compliance to the PMI Confidentiality agreement and PMI Conflict of Interest policy. 

Resources and Budget:

  • As identified in the budget approved annually by the PMI Board
  • PMI staff assigned by President and CEO
  • PMI Director, Global Chapters defines annual budget to cover group costs assigned in the budget approved annually by the PMI Board 

Member Advisory Group Composition and Terms:

  • Seven committee members, serving two year terms. Director, Global Chapters, evaluates and assigns additional year(s) determined by need and circumstance
  • Volunteer Engagement Liaison and other staff resources as assigned by the PMI President and CEO 

Volunteer Requirements, Experience, and Skills


  • Member in good standing for two years
  • Has served as a PMI Chapter volunteer leader; Region Mentor experience a plus
  • Has no conflict of interest (all PMI members and volunteers are bound to Rule of the Board 12.1, Board Member’s Code of Conduct and the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct)

It is PMI’s practice to not select/appoint individuals for PMI Volunteer leadership positions who are already engaged in a leadership role within PMI or its Chapters. This is to reflect the level of commitment needed for such volunteer leadership roles and the desire to encourage volunteer participation through as wide a range of individuals as possible. This limitation does not apply to participation on content development teams in a non-leadership role. 

Staff Information

Name: Brantlee Underhill
Title: Director, Global Chapters
E-mail Address:

Name: Toby May
Title: Membership and Chapter Development Associate
E-mail Address:

Applicable Governing Documents

  • PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Strategic Plan, specifically Core Value on Volunteerism: Volunteers and effective volunteer partnerships with staff are the best way to accomplish the Institute's goals and objectives
  • Institute Policies:
    • Confidentiality Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Contractor/Volunteer Electronic Systems and Communications Policy
    • Volunteer Records Management Policy
    • Volunteer Travel Policy
    • Social Media Guidelines for Volunteers
  • Guidelines for the Conduct of PMI GOC Volunteers
  • GOC Volunteers Volunteer Expense Report

Charter Approval

All Member Advisory Group charters must annually be approved by the President and Chief Executive Officer for the subsequent year and posted to the Governance page on