R.E.P. Member Advisory Group

Reach out to the R.E.P. AG member in your region.

The R.E.P. program relies on guidance from the volunteer members of the R.E.P. Advisory Group. Advisors are R.E.P.s who use their professional knowledge and expertise to counsel and guide the R.E.P. program administration. Advisors function in an advisory role and do not serve in an authority or approval role.

The advisors help us to identify the needs of global participants, establish and update program policy and criteria for R.E.P.s, critique product or program enhancements, help address any participant or student concerns, and communicate about the program.

Advisors represent a range of R.E.P. types. We appoint R.E.P. Advisory Group members based on defined criteria and an application process. Each R.E.P. Advisory group member serves a three-year term.


R.E.P.s / Interested Education Providers

To provide feedback about the R.E.P. Program to the R.E.P. Advisory Group member located closest to you, complete this form.

For operational program questions about invoicing, access to resources, technical PMI.org issues, etc. contact repsupport@pmi.org.

To file a complaint about an R.E.P.

Complete the R.E.P. Program Non-Compliance Activity Complaint Form
You may also use this form to report other training organizations misusing PMI Intellectual Property.

For Non R.E.P. questions

Please send an email to customercare@pmi.org


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