PMI Launches New Course and Tool Kit to Help Create a Workforce of Creative Problem Solvers

Philadelphia, PA

Wicked Problem Solving® course and tool kit help focus the power of your team to tackle any problem – regardless of how complex or ambiguous – and create breakthroughs

Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading association for project professionals and changemakers, today announced the launch of Wicked Problem Solving®, a brand-new course and tool kit in partnership with design thinking thought leader and technology pioneer Tom Wujec. The Wicked Problem Solving course mentors individuals and organizations to build the essential skills of modern creative collaboration. The tool kit then equips them with a clear, visual system to untangle a vast range of business problems using what they learned. Wicked Problem Solving distills the complexity of collaborative knowledge work into a set of simple principles, plays, and paths they can follow to solve pressing challenges, become effective team leaders, and integrate innovation and creativity into their workflow.

Introduced in 1973 by design theorists Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber, the term “wicked problem” refers to the specific type of problems that are impossible to solve with traditional methods due to their inherent complexity and uncertainty. The World Economic Forum ranks complex problem-solving as the single most valuable skill, yet the world’s problems – and the solutions aiming to solve them – are more complex and wicked than ever before, according to PMI research. As a result, professionals and businesses feel growing pressure to solve these problems and to become more sustainable and efficient while simultaneously tackling traditional challenges like managing distributed teams, applying emerging technologies, and bridging siloed organizations.

“By incorporating Wicked Problem Solving into our portfolio of tools and resources, PMI continues to provide innovative ways to deliver value and solve problems,” says PMI President and CEO Sunil Prashara. “Wicked Problem Solving incorporates the best of design thinking, agile, lean, project management, and other modern ways of working. This revolutionary approach will help professionals, teams and entire organizations to think creatively and navigate increasingly complex change.”

"Wicked Problem Solving is more than a course - it’s a simple, but revolutionary approach that redefines how we frame and resolve challenges, as well as how we can bring out the best in our teams." says Tom Wujec. "Wicked Problem Solving helps people organize their work into time-bound courses of action called plays. Each play produces a clear visual model that can foster clarity, generate new points of view, explore alternatives, and forge winning solutions. Designing and running better plays elevates a team with qualities the world needs now: the ability to comprehend and adapt quickly, to navigate complexity, and to bring more imagination and energy to their work.”

Wicked Problem Solving consists of visually rich tools and interactive training, delivering a uniquely creative approach to help learners and teams untangle any challenge, in any industry, and at any scale. The full program provides a breadth of useful, and engaging material, along with downloadable tools including:

  • A comprehensive video program made up of twenty core lessons with hours of content highlighting the principles and practical techniques of Wicked Problem Solving, delivered through engaging live action and animations.
  • A dynamic workbook that expands on the video program, providing learners the skills to assess how Wicked Problem Solving techniques can help them solve their own unique problems and challenges.
  • A playbook illustrating a vast range of plays addressing different types of challenges, from concise and simple to deep and “wicked.”
  • Three digital decks of Wicked Problem Solving Principles cards used to configure plays and designed for every phase from planning to use in meetings, and for reference.
  • Step-by-step interactive exercises organized on a playboard delivered through a digital whiteboard used by the learner to design and run plays, either solo or with collaborators.

After completion, individuals will not only be equipped to take on complex challenges utilizing the workbook and plays and lead their teams to resolution, they will receive a digital badge to share on resumes and social media profiles. Step by step, users will work through their own specific, nuanced problems with Tom as their personal guide, giving them a portfolio of problems solved at the course’s completion.

To learn more about Wicked Problem Solving and get started today, please visit:

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