Project Management Institute Launches New Reports on Organizational Agility During Sixth Annual PMO Symposium


Project Management Institute (PMI) today unveiled three thought leadership reports focused on illustrating the importance of organizational agility. The new reports were released during the organization’s sixth annual PMO Symposium in Houston, where more than 500 of the world’s top Project Management Office (PMO) executives, organizational leaders and senior decision makers have gathered to discuss how organizations can achieve greater agility — the capability to quickly sense and adapt to external and internal changes to deliver relevant results in a productive and cost-effective manner.

Produced in partnership with Forbes Insights, PMI’s report — Achieving Greater Agility: The Essential Influence of the C-Suite — takes a closer look at the role the C-suite can play in driving greater organizational agility. PMI’s thought leadership piece — Achieving Greater Agility: The Critical Need for Cross-Functional Collaboration — examines the lines of business and how companies can create a culture that encourages dynamism and innovation. Created in partnership with KPMG, the organization’s other report — Achieving Greater Agility: The Vital Role of Culture and Commitment — explores key factors that will help accelerate an organization’s transformation.

“With heightened competition and accelerating disruptions from new technology, market shifts, and social change, the need for organizations worldwide to demonstrate agility is greater than ever,” said PMI President and Chief Executive Officer Mark A. Langley. “As technology becomes even more advanced as we move forward in this digital age, the success of many organizations will hinge on their ability to react and adapt to unexpected roadblocks and market changes and switch priorities quickly without losing momentum. Our thought leadership reports are intended to guide organizations as they evaluate and transition to approaches that emphasize greater agility.”

Langley unveiled the thought leadership reports during a morning plenary session on the symposium’s second day. He discussed the insights and key findings that PMI obtained from the research that was completed. Langley’s remarks were followed by presentations from Forbes and KPMG. The session ended with a PMI-hosted panel discussion on organizational agility featuring representatives from ABB, FedEx and IBM Watson Cloud and Platform.

The reports were part of a larger thought leadership series on organizational agility from PMI, including PMI’s Pulse of the Profession® in-depth reports Achieving Greater Agility: The people and process drivers that accelerate results and The Drivers of Agility: Engaging people and building processes to accelerate results, released to the public in September. PMI’s Pulse of the Profession® research demonstrated that an organization’s agility level helps determine the success rate of its projects in today’s complex and disruptive global marketplace. While all project management approaches were found to support successful outcomes, the study found that organizations with high agility reported more projects successfully meeting original goals and business intent — whether they use hybrid (72 percent), predictive (71 percent) and agile (68 percent) approaches — than those with low agility using the same methods.

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