Project Management Institute Adds Practitioner Course and Partner Program to Platform-Agnostic PMI Citizen Developer™ Resource Suite

Philadelphia, PA

The new PMI Citizen Developer Practitioner course and Partner Program are the latest additions to the resource suite to help organizations and individuals unlock the full potential of citizen development.

Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading association for project professionals and changemakers, announced the addition of PMI Citizen Developer Practitioner course and corresponding PMI Citizen Developer Partner Program to its suite of platform-agnostic educational resources and set of global industry standards, best practices, and methodologies. The PMI Citizen Developer Practitioner online course and Partner Program will help companies implement citizen development in a safe, scalable, and customizable way that unlocks the true business value of citizen development for their organization while identifying and mitigating risks.

While PMI’s first citizen development-related online course, PMI Citizen Developer Foundation, provides an introduction to citizen development and best practices, PMI Citizen Developer Practitioner course is for the “doers,” professionals who are ready to embrace citizen development. It provides them with the tools and methodologies needed to efficiently create effective and scalable applications using low-code and no-code platforms in order to solve the problems that organizations face.

Gartner predicts that low-code/no-code citizen development will be responsible for more than 65 percent of application-development activity by 2024 and estimates that the number of active citizen developers will be four times that of professional developers by 2023. To help professionals and organizations alike upskill to meet this demand in a secure, scalable, and customizable way, PMI launched the suite of products and continues to add new offerings to help ensure they are ready and able to succeed in this new digital landscape.

The PMI Citizen Developer Partner Program is designed for low-code/no-code technology vendors and delivery organizations to show they align with PMI® global vendor-agnostic standards, guardrails, and best practices. With three partner tiers to choose from, participating organizations get help on their journey to achieve the PMI Stamp of Approval, which demonstrates to their users and customers that they are responsibly utilizing citizen development.

“At PMI, we recognize that citizen development has immense impact as a resource and tool that is revolutionizing the way we work in all industries and sectors,” said Dave Garrett, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer of PMI. “Similar to the introduction of Agile in the early 2000s where it was viewed as ‘too divergent,’ citizen development calls for an open mind and growth mindset. Citizen development offers organizations and individuals a new path to performance by combining agile practices and design thinking techniques to drive innovation and create tangible impact.”

According to BRIGHTLINE® Strategic Transformation report, 93% of high-performing organizations agree that clearly defined frameworks and tools are integral to the strategic transformation process. To help ensure that organizations are prepared and able to adapt to this new way of working, PMI has leveraged its unparalleled expertise in the project management space to help changemakers and organizations excel and thrive by establishing best practices, guardrails, and risk assessments to harness the full power of citizen development.

“PMI Citizen Developer is a catalyst for faster change and enables a hyper agile way of working, which unlocks significant value for the global market,” said Sam Sibley, PMI Global Head of PMI Citizen Developer. “Organizations who can take an idea and design, build, test and deploy applications in a matter of days or weeks instead of months or years, enables teams and organizations to deliver new products to market faster, drive operational efficiencies, and capitalize on new revenue streams. Organizations that invest in citizen development now will be at a major competitive advantage in the years to come.”

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