Project Management Institute Names 2015 Project of the Year Finalists


Project Management Institute (PMI) today announced the three finalists for the 2015 PMI Project of the Year Award. As the project management profession’s highest accolade, the PMI Project of the Year Award honors project and team success achieved through the superior performance of project management practices.

The three finalists are:

Oregon Transportation Investment Act III State Bridge Delivery Program
Oregon, USA

When the state of Oregon, USA discovered that some of its bridges had cracks that would soon affect major freight routes, the government heard the warning as a wake-up call. Roughly half of the state’s 6,700 bridges were built before 1960, and a study projected that if left unattended the deficient infrastructure would cost the state 88,000 jobs over the next 25 years. For Oregon to stay competitive, the state’s entire bridge infrastructure needed an overhaul. So in 2003, the Oregon legislature acted to fund the state’s largest infrastructure investment in 50 years with an unprecedented caveat: The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) had to outsource the program. ODOT awarded the 10-year, US$1.3 billion contract to repair or replace 365 bridges to the Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners (OBDP), a joint venture of Fluor Corporation and HDR Engineering Inc. The historic public-private partnership delivered the program as promised, coming in US$45 million under budget.

River Corridor Base Scope Project
Richland, Washington, USA

A vast expanse of land near Richland, Washington, USA known as the Hanford Site once played a central role in the Cold War’s nuclear arms race: It produced two-thirds of the nation’s plutonium in nine nuclear production reactors. The 586-square-mile (1,518-square-kilometer) site closed in 1987, and the scenic land remained off limits to the public. In 2005, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) made the Hanford site one of its largest environmental cleanup projects, with the ultimate goal of making the land available for recreational use. By early 2014, The River Corridor Base Scope Project had transported 9 million tons of waste from the Hanford site while maintaining the best safety record of any DOE contract. The project delivered two big public benefits: It came in under budget, saving taxpayers US$227 million, while helping to transform a toxic legacy of war into scenic beauty accessible to all.

El Segundo Refinery Coke Drum Reliability Project
El Segundo, California, USA

The city of Los Angeles, California, USA relies on fuel from Chevron’s El Segundo refinery. The facility supplies 20 percent of the gasoline in the Los Angeles area market and more than 40 percent of the jet fuel for Los Angeles International Airport, which is next door. When an essential piece of machinery started to deteriorate, Chevron knew it had to act quickly. The refinery needed six new coke drums—enormous containers that heat crude oil up to 920 degrees Fahrenheit (493 Celsius)—to ensure it could continue to meet Southern California’s fuel demands. The coke drums had to travel from a manufacturing facility in Spain to the refinery in El Segundo, part of Los Angeles County and surrounded by one of the most densely populated urban areas in the United States. The team originally planned for the drums to be delivered by ship to the Port of Los Angeles (7,331 miles), and then transported over land the remaining 21 miles to the refinery. Team members ultimately found an alternate route through a small boat marina located in Redondo Beach, just 4 miles from the refinery. Transported two at a time, it took just six nights for all the drums to reach their destination, which meant less inconvenience for Los Angelenos. Once the drums arrived at the refinery, one mammoth task remained: installation. By coinciding that with the refinery’s scheduled downtime for maintenance, the team was able to minimize disruptions to the refinery’s output and compress the original schedule. The team completed the project four months ahead of the original end date of October 2014 and US$7 million under the US$157 million budget.

The 2015 PMI Project of the Year Award will be presented at the PMI Professional Awards Gala on 10 October, taking place before PMI® Global Congress 2015—North America, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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