Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

An Update to Our Global Community

Bookmark IconThis page will continue to be updated. Please check back with us for latest ways PMI is taking action and our global community can support those impacted during this time of need and crisis.

The PMI Global Community is united by a dedication to positive change through project management and shared culture values. In situations fraught with historical, political, and humanitarian complexities, it is crucial to recognize the significant loss of life and the anguish experienced by all impacted communities. It is also essential to hold space for multiple perspectives and understand that the path to peace and resolution is multifaceted.

As an organization committed to fostering positive change, we encourage the pursuit of peaceful and diplomatic solutions that can alleviate the suffering and promote lasting peace in the region. Our hope is for a future where conflicts like these can be resolved through dialogue, understanding, and compassion.

Operational Updates

  • The safety and well-being of our community is priority. As a result of the conflict, testing has been temporarily suspended at some Pearson VUE test centers in the region through the end of October. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust our plans accordingly.
    • Pearson Professional Centers-Tel Aviv, Israel
      2 Derech David Ben Gurion
      BSR Building 1
      Ramat Gan, 5257334
    • Bethlehem University
      Main Gate
      Science Building
      3rd Floor; Room Number S-306
      Bethlehem, PSE
    • AMIDEAST Gaza
      Martyr Raja St. No. 8/704, 8th Floor
      Bseiso Building, Opp Arab Bank of Rimal
      Al Jondi Al Majhool, Rimal Neighbourhood
      Gaza, PSE
    • John Bryce - Mediatech Hi-Tech
      46 Hahistadrot St.
      Check Post
      Corner 27 Marconi St.
      Haifa, 31250
    • John Bryce Training
      29 Homa Vemigdal Street
      Tel-Aviv, 6777129

PMI Chapters in Action

PMI chapters and volunteers have been meeting and planning relief activities that will help war victims in Palestine. Here are some examples of the great work they have mobilized so far. As more activities are planned, they will be added here.

Sweden Chapter – Sponsoring a Talk Around the Clock on 2 February to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) with the support from PMI chapters and volunteers around the world.

Ways to Support

  • Connect with your local PMI chapter to learn more about and participate in volunteer efforts.
  • Donate to UN Refugee Agency teams on-the-ground providing life-saving assistance to families affected by the disaster.
  • Reference The CARE Emergency Toolkit (CET) to respond more effectively to more people faster in acute emergencies, but also in long-term situations.