Global Celebration of Service Gallery

A collection of memories from our community and their projects that impacted the world

PMI Melbourne

The Project Management for Life (PM4L) is an initiative of the PMI Melbourne Chapter that aims to promote project management as an important skill for school children and teaches them how to incorporate it into everyday life.

South Africa Jabulani School

The PMI South Africa Chapter teams with Jabulani Technical High School in Johannesburg to teach students skills in project management and ways that they can use them to develop their careers.

Bengaluru Chapter STEM Program

PMI Bengaluru Chapter creates STEM program for under privileged girls to teach them the value of science and technology.

Lakeshore Ontario Operation Smile

PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter takes contributions from 20th Anniversary Gala and make donations to Operation Smile to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.

Lakeshore Ontario Seniors Program

PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter participates in the social good project to raise funds for Spectra Helpline Telecheck Seniors Program which provides support for isolated seniors.

NCPMI Race for Cure

PMI North Carolina – Raleigh Chapter joins together to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

PMI RioGrandedoSul Chapter Education

PMI Rio Grande do Sul Chapter works with schools to help educate children and teachers about project management and developing their skills.

CMDJ Pirassununga City

The Municipal Council for Youth Rights in São Paulo creates a strong sense of community by providing youth in Pirassununga City with a safe space to socialize.

West Bengal Thalassemia Awareness

PMI West Bengal Chapter partners with Rotary Club of Calcutta Suncity to support Thalassemia Prevention and Awareness.

MumbaiChapter Students Develop Skills

PMI Mumbai Chapter pledges to help students develop skills and plan their careers by providing them with academic resources from community donations.

PMI Uruguay Youth Leadership

PMI Montevideo, Uruguay Chapter createsteam building workshops for youth leadership and provides them with the tools they need to deliver effective presentations.

volunteer teach village children

Residents of the Interspaces Gloryfields Apartment volunteer to teach children at the Choodasandra Village.

national water works Saudi Arabia replace water valves

National Water Works Company of Saudi Arabia pledges to replace water valves in King Khaled Internality Airport.

Mumbai beach clean up

The PMI Mumbai chapter collaborated with iVolunteer to clean up Bandra Beach. Two of the 29  volunteers were PMI Board of Directors member, Tejas Sura, and PMI Mumbai Chapter President, Bharat Bhagat.

Singapore volunteers caregiver alliance

 Caregiver Alliance Limited: Volunteers in Singapore support the mental health community and commitment to wellness.

PMI Ecuador TrainingĀ UnderprivilegedĀ Individuals

PMI Ecuador trains underprivileged individuals to develop organizational and planning capabilities encouraging stimulation of the economy along with added self-esteem and personal growth of those involved.


Clayton Everett Design mentors impoverished children.


Clayton Everett Design plans to provide humanitarian aid in Nepal for earthquake victims.

Los Pantera Pandilla Local School Support

Volunteers with Los Pantera: Pandilla de Trail support a local, rural school by raising money to buy school supplies and necessary materials in order to prepare a school kit for each student that includes hand-written, motivational cards.