A Letter to Stakeholders

As the Chair of your Board of Directors and the CEO, we both have the opportunity to interact with thousands of PMI members and certified professionals each year. When we ask them: “What is PMI?” we get a different answer from each one. PMI is many things to many people – we serve nearly three million stakeholders in nearly every country around the globe – so your answer would likely depend on your unique perspective.

Throughout this digital annual report, you will see, hear and experience some of the ways our members, certified professionals, and volunteers have made PMI their own; how PMI has advocated for the profession all of our stakeholders share; and how we are demonstrating the value that project management provides to individuals, businesses, governments, and society.

A student might know PMI because he or she has used a PMI-published book or periodical in one of his or her classes. University professors might view PMI as a source to help fund and publish academic research, or as a resource for course curricula. A young professional just entering the workforce might appreciate the breadth of career tools and networking opportunities that we offer. As they advance in their careers, project managers might turn to PMI for certifications or leadership training. And senior-level executives from governments and organizations worldwide look to us for guidance on standards, program implementation, and performance improvement.

So what is PMI? You are PMI. And we are proud to represent each and every one of you. Let’s continue to do great things together.

Steve Delgrosso

Chair, 2015 PMI Board of Directors

Mark Langley

President and CEO, Project Management Institute