A Letter to Stakeholders from the Board and CEO

Looking back with pride—and forward with excitement

PMI has been extraordinarily successful in its first 48 years. Our brand is global, respected and copied. And our work is impactful. We continue to grow, supporting nearly three million people worldwide as members and certified professionals.

We are proud of the contributions we have made collectively to advocate for and advance the profession. But we are also keenly aware of dramatic shifts impacting organizations, like technology and digital advancements, heightened competition and customer expectations, and shifting demographics in the workforce. To sustain success, we must pause, re-evaluate our relevance, and determine our ability to meet future market demand.

That’s why we have embarked on a transformation journey. 2017 has been an incredibly exciting year, as we have started redefining what it means to be a professional association while retaining the focus on what got us this far.

Throughout the year, we have been working to determine our most relevant customer segments and understand their unmet needs. We have shifted our focus to our most important core customers—individuals who identify project management their profession.

We are also envisioning what our business will need to look like to support our digital future. This includes putting the right systems and processes in place, understanding the capabilities our staff must have, and building a strong culture to support it all. But despite all the changes, one thing has remained constant – the amazing contribution of our dedicated volunteers.

Many PMI stakeholders have already contributed their time and talents to this transformation. Their insight helped shape a new strategic plan, approved by our 2017 Board of Directors in October. From there, we mapped out a transformation plan, outlining the efforts that will make our strategy a reality. This effort to create the association of the future will continue for the next few years.

We have been extraordinarily successful over the first 48 years of our history, and we have a clear vision of how we will transform to secure PMI’s future in the digital landscape. This position of strength gives us the opportunity to transform on our own terms and to build on key differentiators to ensure an even stronger future. Some things will change dramatically and others will simply evolve to align with the new strategy. In the end, the organization as a whole may have a new face, but its heart and soul will remain intact.

Together our team of staff and volunteers remain enthusiastic and committed as we take this journey together toward what’s next.

2017 PMI Board of Directors


Mark A. Langley
President & CEO

Photo of 2017 PMI Board of Directors and Mark A. Langley, PMI President and CEO
2017 PMI Board of Directors