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Our Purpose

Project professionals change the world by bringing products to market, developing software, helping with disaster recovery, building new infrastructure, and so much more. Projects are how things get done. That’s why the work PMI does is so important.

Our products, services and networks help professional project managers advance their careers, drive business results, and deliver on strategies that improve lives. We believe in the value that formal project management can bring to organizations and governments worldwide. Over 400 PMI staff work closely with 10,000 volunteers who are passionate about the project management profession and our organization’s mission.

Our Values

PMI’s aspiration—empowering people to make ideas a reality—reinforces our commitment to advocate and represent the project management profession and nurture a diverse organization that helps individuals distinguish themselves in their careers.

At PMI we believe in:

  • Project Management Impact
  • Professionalism
  • Volunteerism
  • Community
  • Engagement

Value of Project Management Skills

Champions—the elite organizations that invest in proven project management practices—see the value in the skills outlined in the PMI Talent Triangle®.

The PMI Talent Triangle
Andrea Linton

I can safely say I’m not alone in thinking that effective project managers (PMs) need good leadership skills, not just technical expertise. I also believe that good managers and leaders don’t need to be technical gurus to successfully manage technical projects or projects that are not necessarily part of their subject matter expertise.

At A Glance

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Reaching a significant milestone

In 2017, our total membership passed the half-million mark. This makes PMI one of the world’s largest membership-based professional societies. This milestone is more than just a metric. It’s a reminder of the global footprint and the impact that our members have each day.

Hear from some of our members about what PMI means to them.

500,000 Members Strong

Thank you for being one of the 500,000 project management professionals showing dedication to the project management industry through your membership with PMI...

What Leading Organizations and Publications are Saying about Project Management and PMI

European CEO Winter 2017 cover

Mark A. Langley, PMI President and CEO, was featured in the cover story in the Winter 2017 European CEO magazine.

Caterpillar logo

Organizations such as PMI are connecting project management practitioners in ways that weren’t possible years ago. Caterpillar's project management program is mature. Our global project management team has been in place formally for 10 years, and our team members represent roughly 2,000 years of combined experience…They (PMI) provide a platform for professionals to connect regularly, learn from each other, and continue to develop our skill sets and best practices at an incredibly fast pace.

Agenda (Sunday Telegraph)

5 March 2017

Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo

PMI’s Project Management Professional® certification provides us with a consistent framework and knowledge base for our project managers across the globe, who embody the qualities of the PMI Talent Triangle®. Our project managers, equipped with these skills, are able to execute successfully against projects and programs, and contribute to accomplishing overall strategic goals.

Former head of the PPM Academy at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (now DCX)

Sunday Times

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We are committed to delivering world-class technology solutions to our customers. Our professional project managers, certified by PMI, help us deliver these solutions to our customers on time and on budget.

Group Executive

Telstra Global Enterprise and Services