A Letter to Stakeholders from the Board

Proud to Accomplish—Excited to Grow

As PMI approaches its 50th anniversary, we think it is worth pausing to reflect on what this impressive milestone represents for our organization, our membership and our profession.

Over nearly five decades, we have succeeded in setting a standard of excellence that has elevated and defined project management. We have consistently grown our worldwide membership, enhanced our global brand equity and delivered unique value to millions of stakeholders.

We have also inspired a spirit of collaboration and engagement across continents and organizations that has advanced our profession, our colleagues and our contemporaries. We are excited that these trends continue to strengthen our global community. Looking inside this Annual Report, especially the “At a Glance” section, you will see evidence of our growth – both in numbers, but also in the value our stakeholders derive from our various programs and products.

We also recognize the landscape is changing at increasing speed. Disruption, competition and new technologies—particularly artificial intelligence (AI)—continue to change expectations around how organizations operate and how work gets done. No organization is immune, and organizations that succeed must adapt to the new ways of doing work. We are actively going through our own transformation, building the capabilities and competencies to take us well into the future.

PMI continues to be a thought leader in the profession. This year, our PMI Thought Leadership Series® focused on disruption and change. These reports actively assist project professionals in addressing the challenges related to rapidly changing conditions. We are providing a roadmap for project leaders worldwide to evaluate and improve their project management technology quotient (PMTQ). For example, we are helping ensure our global network of nearly three million stakeholders remains well-positioned to thrive in a world that requires professionals to adapt to continually shifting market demands.

While some fear that AI and other technological advances will result in job losses in our profession, we see great opportunities for project managers. We are convinced that project management will become an even more essential part of any organization’s ability to be effective, competitive and agile.

As we celebrate and reflect on many achievements, PMI will continue to develop innovative ways to meet the evolving needs of our members. We are extremely bullish about our profession and our growth prospects, and we look forward to continuing to work with our dedicated team of staff and volunteers to further enhance our profession.

2018 PMI Board of Directors

Caterina La Tona, PMP, PfMP, Chair

Board of Directors 2018-2019

Board of Directors 2018