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Made Possible by a Project Manager: Innovation, Transformation, Progress, Advancement, Social Good

We are transforming to invent the professional association of the future.

PMI is redefining what it means to be a professional association, while staying true to our roots. Taking a closer look at the individuals who practice project, program and portfolio management, we intend to understand their needs more deeply and develop the capability to respond to their expectations more quickly.

The heart of PMI’s strategy is ensuring that we deliver individual value to our most important stakeholders throughout their careers. Irrespective of industry or geography, PMI intends to provide significant support at key inflection points in our customers’ professional journeys, from their first interaction to their retirement from the profession.

PMI is embarking on a transformation with an ongoing commitment to our stakeholders: to advance and advocate for the project management profession with the support of our global volunteer network. The Board of Directors supports PMI’s strategic choices because we know that when we deliver value, we remain relevant. And when we are relevant, we continue to grow. That is the best way to secure the Institute’s success for the next 50 years.

PMI’s aspiration—empowering people to make ideas a reality—focuses on our customers and the Institute’s ability to help them achieve their ideal future. We realize that, to be successful and achieve our goals, we need to empower stakeholders to commit to amazing results and help them make those results a reality.

Our Values

  • Project Management Impact
  • Professionalism
  • Volunteerism
  • Community
  • Engagement

At A Glance

PMI At A Glance

Strong Relationships With Our Partners

Jim Boland

IBM and PMI have a strong relationship built on mutual trust and benefit. In addition to the comprehensive certification program we have in place for our project managers, our customers and stakeholders also value the external, independent benchmark the PMI badge gives us. Our mature project management methodology WWPMM, is closely aligned to the knowledge areas and principles of PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Given its broad and global appeal, PMI is in a unique position to connect project managers and employers of project managers globally and across industries. The work PMI does to collate and articulate key industry trends and evolutions is something we value greatly, and the platform it offers for collective peer discussions is an essential part of the discipline’s progression for us as a company.