PMI’s 2.0 Transformation is a multi-year program that has delivered and will continue to deliver a wide range of projects aligned to our three transformation objectives: 

  • Becoming a Market Leader in Value Delivery
  • Building a Customer-Centric Operating Model
  • Sustaining our Market Relevance 

This program is a wholesale overhaul of PMI. When completed, every area of PMI will have been transformed.

PMI’s Transformation capability and related culture has matured quite substantially since we began in May 2018. Since inception, the Transformation Program has added key new capabilities in the Institute, including capabilities focused on Innovation, Customer Experience, Talent and Development, Seamless Commerce, Integrated Content, Advanced Data and Analytics, Modern Technology and Architecture, and a new Customer-Centric Operating Model.

We are now in the final stages of landing the PMI 2.0 Transformation. The original Transformation plan had us starting the Acceleration Phase of the plan in 2020 and finishing at the end of 2021.  As we stand here today, we will be completing the PMI 2.0 Transformation on schedule, having delivered all that was promised plus a dynamic new regional operating model – enhancing PMI’s engagement with our stakeholders.

In 2019, we hit the mid-point in the journey and began accelerating the customer-centricity and organization agility at the heart of the program. Mid-year, we made a critical pivot that helped accelerate the culture change that was required to succeed in the upcoming implementation phases. The graphic on the right summarizes the changes in the team orientation.


New Transformation Value Tree

PMI Value Tree Revised 08-17-2020

We created a simple value tree to anchor how we architect, create and measure how the new transformation delivers value.

In addition, the team worked closely with the Brightline Initiative to incorporate these changes into future Brightline Transformation offerings.

This pivot on top of the previous momentum resulted in PMI achieving significant outcomes throughout 2019.  The major outcomes are summarized here:

PMI's Value Tree

PMI, its chapters and volunteers are investing in the future of the profession and continuing to serve our stakeholders. We will know we are making a difference when our actions are aligned with our measures and outcomes. That’s why we are excited to share this short video about PMI’s transformation toward being metrics-driven and outcomes-focused. You play a crucial role in the PMI family. We are here to help you be more successful, individually and as a community. The Value Tree is how PMI measure our success, and we’ll travel this journey together as we empower people to make ideas a reality.
  • Customer-centric organization design
  • Unprecedented migration to “the cloud”
  • No downtime deployment capability
  • Disciplined Agile and Flex acquired
  • Completed design of a new Authorized Training Partner (ATP) program
  • New digital product betas launched into the market including interactive PMBOK, Snippets, Baseline and Navigator, Education platform, Scrappy PM, Omni-channel learning experience and an Open Innovation portal
  • Redesigned Digital Platform and greatly improved customer experience
  • A new regional engagement model
  • Cutover to new global testing partners
  • Matured a new, robust technology and data analytics backbone
  • Launched a new PMI brand
  • Delivered new cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management systems 
  • Added a new “Voice of the Customer” capability

At the end of 2019, PMI was well positioned to achieve the Board of Director’s “2020 Statement” that set the direction of the market facing component of the Transformation Plan:

“By the end of 2020, PMI will have developed a healthy pipeline of new offerings to the market that supports and enables its stakeholders career journey.” 

2019 Annual Report Transformation People Office