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What is PMI-CP Certification?

The Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (PMI-CP) is the only internationally recognized certification that offers an in-depth curriculum on the construction industry.

This advanced certification empowers working professionals—like you—to elevate your career. It prepares construction project managers to lead, plan, and manage contracts. It also equips you to navigate challenges and stay relevant in an ever-evolving field.

The journey to your PMI-CP certification involves:

  • Earning 3 micro-credentials
  • Completing 4 eLearning courses
  • Passing the PMI-CP capstone exam

Eligibility Notice

Certification Eligibility requires completion of learning module prerequisites prior to applying.

See full requirements below.

Introducing the PMI-CP Certification

Discover how the PMI-CP certification equips you with in-demand skills and bridges the gap between construction project management and industry sustainability.

$127M wasted for every $1B spent on Construction Projects

Learn lean methodologies and best practices to improve ROI as well as gain the skill sets to keep your projects on time and within budget.

Build a more sustainable future with the new PMI-CP Certification.

How to Get Your PMI-CP Certification


The PMI-CP can take your career to the next level. Map out your plan to get your certification.

Map Your Journey


Studying for the PMI-CP certification can significantly increase your chances of passing. Explore the wide range of resources we have to help you test prep.

Prepare for the Exam

Take the Exam

With eligibility confirmed and the exam fee paid, you’ll be ready to schedule and take the exam.

Apply for Your PMI-CP

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Why Earn the PMI-CP?

  • Elevate Your Leadership: PMI-CP sharpens your communication, active listening, and commitment-based management skills. All of which empowers you to elevate your leadership.
  • Empower Innovation and Sustainability: PMI-CP instills the skills necessary to adapt to current industry dynamics and sustainability demands.
  • Stay Current in Your Industry: PMI-CP gives you what you need to stay up to date with current technologies, materials and communication.
  • Future-Proof Your Career: PMI-CP allows you to cultivate future-proof skills that help you excel in a dynamic construction landscape.


New project management employees needed to meet global talent demands by 2030.


PMI Certification holders worldwide including CAPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, and more


New employees driven by expansion and 13 million driven by retirements.

How to Earn PMI-CP Certification

Earning the PMI-CP certification is a rewarding step in your construction management career. Getting to the finish line involves hitting a few milestones, first. But it’s absolutely worth it.

Step Number 1

Complete Seven Course Modules

Start your journey by completing 7 course modules:

  • 3 micro-credentials (which you earn by completing the eLearning course and taking an exam).
  • 4 eLearning courses

Each self-paced module is a 4-6 hour commitment. They’re also an opportunity to earn PDUs, which you can apply to certification renewals.


Earn 3 Micro-Credentials

Built Environment Project Communication Pro

PDUs: 6   Price: $199.00

Understand the principles of effective communication, including how to overcome cultural communication differences.

Built Environment Technology and Innovation Pro

PDUs: 6   Price: $199.00

Understand how to implement technology and innovation across various teams and organizational cultures.

Built Environment Performance and Materials Management Pro

PDUs: 6   Price: $199.00

Drive metrics-oriented processes to increase transparency, reduce waste, and proactively address global supply chain challenges.

Complete 4 eLearning Courses

Interface Management in the Built Environment

PDUs: 3   Price: $99.00

Master the essential skill of managing communications, relationships, and deliverables.

Scope and Change Order Management in the Built Environment

PDUs: 3   Price: $99.00

Learn to take control of scope creep and effectively manage change orders in large projects.

Contract and Risk Management in the Built Environment

PDUs: 5   Price: $99.00

Learn how to prioritize project risks so high impact risks can be managed effectively.

Execution Planning in the Built Environment

PDUs: 3   Price: $99.00

Discover new planning and execution approaches to improve project outcomes.

PMP step number 2

Make Sure You Have Relevant Work Experience 

You need 3 years of on-the-job experience (within the last 10 years) in construction projects or built environment projects to qualify for the PMI-CP. So, make sure you have the required work experience before you apply.

Step Number 3

Apply to Take the Certification Exam

Once you meet the prerequisites, you can apply for your PMI-CP certification exam. After you confirm eligibility, the next step is scheduling your exam.

Note: You can take your exam either at a testing center or as an online, proctored exam.

Step Number 4

Prepare for and Take the Certification Exam 

The PMI-CP certification exam is the capstone of your certification journey. It evaluates and verifies your knowledge, skill and experience as a construction professional.

Here’s an at-a-glance view of the exam’s key details:

  • The exam includes 170 questions
  • The total duration of the exam is 230 minutes
  • The exam covers four primary domains: contracts management, stakeholder engagement, strategy and scope management, and project governance
Step Number 5

Maintain Your Certification 

To maintain your certification, you need to earn 30 PDUs every 3 years. The micro-credentials and courses associated with the PMI-CP are worth 3-6 PDUs each. And they never expire. So, you can use them to renew your certification.

Embrace the journey and enhance your career. Become a certified construction professional with PMI-CP!

How Much Does PMI-CP Certification Cost?

Seven course modules are required for eligibility to take the exam.

There is also an exam fee required to earn the PMI-CP.

Exam Fee: $499.99

PMI-CP Exam Content Outline

  • Learn details about the exam, including what to expect, what’s included, and how it is structured.

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