Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC) Testimonial

Provided by Roger D. Beatty, PhD, PMP, DASSM

The DAVSC certification from PMI feels like the most valuable offering since the PMP and PMBOK first captured the attention of knowledge workers around the world. I am sharing this testimonial because it is much more than a workshop, an exam, and a badge.

Roger Beatty

What is this new role?

The DAVSC is a consultant who serves as a Chief Transition Agent with a broad scope of influence and responsibility. This consultant role helps the customer organization identify, understand and improve its value streams by using systems thinking, designing and facilitating a tailored approach, and ensuring consistency, sustainability, and high quality.

What is the workshop like?

The 3-day workshop is loaded with a range of concepts, methods, interactive activities, exercises, and templates. The workshop is well designed and detail-oriented and provides guidelines for when and how to apply each of these methods effectively. It is divided into three phases: pre-workshop preparation, live virtual group training, and post-workshop continuous learning. In addition, upon completion, you will be able to find ongoing support in a Community of Practice.

Who should enroll?

For a qualified person, this workshop can be a launching pad for a new and fulfilling career trajectory. This applies to both external consultants and internal organizational consultants. However, the DAVSC workshop is not for everyone. It is not a one-and-done program. It is not a quick badge. It is the pathway to a career journey. 

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My best advice is to assess your relevant experience and training before starting and work your way up through the PMI Agile certifications where needed. Your path to becoming a DAVSC may be short or long, but the journey will be worth it wherever you are.

Overall Thoughts

The family of DA certifications is energizing a global community of experienced practitioners as well as the next generation of Disciplined Agilists. Agile and Lean approaches will never be the same again!

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