PMI-PBA Exam Update: 25 June 2018

If you’re thinking about getting your Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® certification, be aware that the exam will be changing on 25 June 2018

We update our certification exams every time we release a new foundational standard or practice guide that is used as a reference for the certification exam. In this case, we released The PMI Guide to Business Analysis in December 2017. The PMI-PBA exam will be updated to harmonize with terminology in the new standard. 

Please note that the current PMI-PBA exam content outline (based on the 2014 role delineation study) will remain unchanged at this time.

Just the Facts

  • The PMI-PBA exam will change on 25 June 2018.
  • If you schedule 25 June or later, you will be taking an updated version of the exam that will reference terminology in The PMI Guide to Business Analysis.