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Application Tips

The information you include within the application allows us to determine if you have the necessary experience and education to qualify for the PMP certification. Consider these guidelines and tips to help set yourself up for success when completing the application.

Validate you performed the role of project manager

Demonstrate that you have:

  • Led and directed cross-functional teams to deliver a project within the constraints of schedule, budget, and scope
  • Applied a suitable approach to managing the project to fulfill requirements and deliverables
  • Performed these duties under general supervision but were responsible for all aspects of the project

Tip: Within the application, specifically explain what you did and were responsible for to demonstrate these actions (not what the project team did).

Describe your project experience

During the application process you will be required to individually detail each project you managed professionally. In your description you should include:

  • A brief summary of the project objective
  • Your responsibilities and project deliverables by process area (e.g. initiating, executing, etc.)
  • A brief summary of the project outcome

Tip: You can use abbreviations for the process groups (e.g. IN for initiating) to allow more space for your description.

Confirm your project management education

At least 35 hours of formal project management education is necessary to qualify for the PMP. This education must be:

  • Consistent with topics included within the PMP Exam Content Outline
  • Demonstrated through successful completion of courses, workshops, and/or training sessions that include some form of assessment or certificate of completion
  • Obtained in advance of submitting your application but could have been accrued at any point in the past.

Tip: Do not include forms of self-directed learning or attendance at meetings/presentations as contact hours – these will not be accepted.

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Additional information regarding the application requirements and role definition can be found in the PMP Handbook and PMP Exam Content Outline.

While our application isn’t long, it is important to take your time to include all required information and to complete the application accurately. You can always log back into the application to complete and submit it at a later date.

If you have questions during the application process, feel free to refer to the PMP Application Checklist or contact us. We will help guide you if something is confusing or unclear.

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