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Welcome to the PMI Cyprus Chapter

The PMI Cyprus Chapter is the local chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is a non-profit organization and aims to support the growth and development of project management practitioners in Cyprus, as well as to build awareness of the project management discipline and its critical role in the success of all types of organizations.

It aspires to be a forum for excellence in project management that will increase the effectiveness and value of professional project management for practitioners and organizations alike. The PMI Cyprus Chapter is the professional organization and resource of choice for project management in Cyprus.

We welcome members from all facets of projects and from all industries. Membership of the chapter will keep you in touch with project management developments, techniques, tools and standards. We serve our membership base and support the promotion and advancement of project management as a professional discipline in Cyprus. We also assist in the professional growth of our members, corporate organizations and communities.


Alexia Yerolemou

Alexia Yerolemou

Alexia Gerolemou is a highly skilled Project Management Professional (PMP®), with a proven track record in managing projects. With a postgraduate MBA degree and a BA (Hons) in Public Relations, she brings a unique combination of strategic thinking and strong communication skills to her role. She has served in the positions of VP Marketing &PR, Vice President and currently as the Chapter President.

Alexia currently holds the position of Senior Project Manager in Logicom Solutions. Having initially built her career in the aviation industry, she cultivated her leadership abilities and honed her problem-solving, decision-making, and interpersonal skills. She then transitioned into the Business Services and Information Technology Industry, where she gained invaluable experience in project management and proposal management across various industries, including both public and private sectors.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Alexia is dedicated to making a positive impact on people and society. She has been volunteering as a trainer in the Cyprus Civil Defence for over 20 years. Her commitment to grateful leadership and the cultivation of essential power skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and Ethics is evident in both her professional and voluntary work. 

Vice President

Evangelos Coutrouzas

Evangelos Coutrouzas

Evangelos has extensive experience and a proven track record of performance in project management, digital strategy, and digital banking, in the financial services and eBusiness sectors. He demonstrated over the years to be highly effective in accomplishing demanding projects of various sizes and complexities in Cyprus, Europe, and the Middle East.

Currently, he works as Project Manager at the Economics Research Centre of the University of Cyprus, managing the various externally funded projects of applied research, relevant to economic policy making in Cyprus and Europe.

Evangelos was one in a small group of professionals who had the vision to create a local Chapter of the Project Management Institute, and he served as Chapter Leader for many years. He gained extensive knowledge and experience in PMI’s processes and policies, and collaborated with people from PMI International and other local Chapters. He will continue to contribute to the Chapter’s growth, success, and recognition.

He holds a degree in Business Administration and an MBA, specialised in MIS, and he is a Project Management Professional (PMP®).

Vice President, Administration / Secretary

Maria Petsa

Maria Petsa

Maria Petsa PMP®, MSc (Eng.), BSc (Eng.), has more than 25 years' experience in engineering and project management and more recently in asset investment planning. During her career both in Cyprus and in Canada, she has been involved in large and complex major capital projects as a Project Manager and an Asset Strategic Investment Planner and has served under many different other positions.

She is currently working as freelance Consultant.

Vice President, Membership

Andreas Solomou

Andreas Solomou

As a dedicated member and volunteer of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the local chapter, I express my unwavering commitment to advancing the field of project management within our country. The Project Management discipline plays a pivotal role in driving organizational success, fostering innovation, and ensuring efficient project delivery. With the global landscape evolving rapidly, our country stands at a crucial juncture where the principles and practices of project management can make a substantial impact on our social and economic development.

Having a strategic focus on membership expansion and engagement my effort will be to further strengthen our Chapter’s ability to promote project management excellence in our country. By fostering a vibrant community of project management professionals, we can facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration, thereby elevating the standards of project management practices across industries.

My goal is to create a dynamic environment that encourages professionals at all career stages to join our cause. PMI’s membership benefits and value can attract a diverse range of individuals who are eager to contribute to the growth and success of the Project Management discipline in our country. As a community of professionals, we can inspire a new wave of enthusiasm for project management among professionals, organizations, and educational institutions. Together, we can further expand our community that not only elevates individual careers but also enhances the overall project management landscape in our country and region.

Vice President, Marketing

Marios Zinonos

Marios Zinonos

Marios Zinonos is a Project Manager Professional PMP®, a Risk Management Professional RMP® with a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEng) and a MBA graduate. Throughout his career he gained experience in overseeing telecoms and IT projects and programs.

He was involved in large and complex projects, and has an affinity for new technologies, and concepts.

A founding member of PMI Cyprus Chapter, he is driven by the core values of PMI and best practices. Currently, he is working as Head of Project Management Ofiice at Digital Security Authority of Cyprus.

Vice President, Finance / Treasurer

Georghios Paraskeva Headshot

Georghios Paraskeva

Georghios Paraskeva PMP®, MSc, BEng has more than 20 years’ experience in organizational governance and project management, in the construction industry. During his career, he was involved in large and complex projects in the Middle East and headed the PMO of a multimillion-dollar construction company.

Currently he is an External Consultant to construction companies.

Vice President, Professional Development, Education and Events

Xenia Kyriakidou

Xenia Kyriakidou

Xenia Kyriakidou has been working at Ancoria Bank for the last 7 years. As Project Manager, she successfully managed major innovative and digital projects of the Bank. She is currently working within the PMO of the Bank.

Passionate for Project Management, Xenia joined the PMI Cyprus Chapter to practically contribute to the Chapter and positively influence professionals to further spread, grow and develop the crucial role of the discipline.

Xenia holds a PMP®, MSc in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics and a BSc in Economics.

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