Professional Development Event Summary: Disciplined Agile

February 6, 2020

Our first Professional Development Event for 2020, Disciplined Agile®, was held on Thursday 6 February, at the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM).

Disciplined Agile® is a business agility toolkit which helps organizations become agile within the specific context of their business. PMI’s recent acquisition of Disciplined Agile® uncovers better ways of working and this presentation provided a great opportunity to participants to understand what Disciplined Agile® is, get acquainted with the principles, the processes, the toolkit and the resources that can help master the elements of Disciplined Agile®.

The topics covered included:

  • Overview of Disciplined Agile
  • The Disciplined Agile Manifesto
  • The Principles of Disciplined Agile
  • The Roles of Disciplined Agile
  • Lifecycles
  • Disciplined Agile information sources

The presentation was delivered by Mr Dimitris Lazos, our Disciplined Agile® Chapter Champion. We would like to thank Mr Lazos for spending some of his valuable time for our Chapter, as well as those of our Chapter Members who attended. The certified Project Managers (PMPs®) will get 2 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for attending.

In addition, we would like to express our appreciation to the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) for its hospitality.

Also, we would like to thank our Sponsors for 2020 (CIIM, KPMG, cdbbank, PrimeTel, Odyssey, Goldman and Qobo) for supporting our mission.

Having as a priority the professional growth of our members, the PMI Cyprus Chapter will continue offering activities that promote personal and professional development.

Download the presentation: Introduction to Disciplined Agile, by Dimitris Lazos

Here are some pictures from the event:

february 6 image 2
february 6 image 1
february 6 image 4
february 6 image 3