Qualification Benefits

Looking for the competitive advantage?

Competition within the project management discipline is high and employers can afford to be selective. A relevant and recognised certification in any industry is almost always helpful and in many industries it is even necessary. It can actually make the difference between getting the job, or not. It can raise your visibility, and highlight competencies and can be the start of a whole new path in a professional trajectory.

PMI offers a wide range of world renown certifications. Already some of these certifications are  imperative and well-renowned accreditation for portfolio, program and project managers. Demanded and adored the world over, these certifications validate the expertise, knowledge and capability to direct and manage portfolios, programs and projects. Getting certified provides you with countless benefits some of which are:

  • Set yourself apart with a PMI's certification
  • Increase your efficiency and effectiveness in whatever sector you are in
  • Gain exclusive Know-How and become a leader in your organisation
  • Achieve greater networking potential
  • Achieve greater job opportunities with higher pay

From the Organisations' Perspective

Certified professionals make your organization stronger. They’re your best bet to beat the widening skills gap and they're a great tool to build a foundation of expertise to drive business results. Certification programs provide employees with essential skills needed in today's volatile environment. Through certification training and organisation can improve business performance, profit and staff morale.

Providing employees with a certification path proves that their organisation values them enough to invest in them, improving loyalty and staff retention. In turn, retention is a saving for the organization, hence the return on certification programs investments is high.