Put On Your Mask and Cape

June 27th, 2020 we hosted our fourth webinar on the topic “Put On Your Mask & Cape! Own the New Normal”. This amazing session was delivered by Spencer K. Horn who is the President and CEO of Altium Leadership. The session started with the lively singing of Spencer Horn that boosted audiences’ zest and that zest continued till the very end.

In the session, Spencer discussed the challenges we are currently facing due to this whole pandemic and how it is affecting us all equally without geographic boundaries. People who are working from home has lost work and life balance and they are filling their time with more work. Everyone is anxious and wants to work more diligently from the fear of losing their job. He mentioned about the Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle and how it is applied to our current situation where we are somewhere on the stage of either denial, anger, bargaining, depression and or acceptance. People who want to reach acceptance needs to have that confidence to make it through. He then explained to the audience how one can achieve a state of acceptance. He stated that accepting one’s feelings in the situation is the starting point to overcome the denial and change the outcomes of the whole situation. For this purpose, one needs to put on the mask that is now a new normal and put on the cape of bravery and confidence to step forward and do something to bring the change they need.

Where do We Start?

He mentioned a few key points, to begin with

Look for Humor:

In all this state of negativity, find the positivity. And what great a positivity a little humor can bring to us. He shared some laugh out loud worthy pandemic memes to the audience and everyone thoroughly enjoyed those. The reason behind sharing these memes was simple, find the good even in adversity. Find something to laugh at the face of a challenge you’re facing.

Power of Question:

He then mentioned about this second really important factor. He discussed how a question can either take us into the state of depression or take us out to a new level of motivation. He emphasized on asking what and how rather why. Stop questioning why you’re the one who lost your job, who is locked at home or any such question. Instead, ask what you can do about it. Ask how you can bring betterment to the situation. In simple words, change the focus of your question from why to what and how.

Increase Gratitude:

We all have heard gratitude can do wonders. That’s true. Gratitude is more about how you feel about a situation, a memory rather than the memory or event itself. Start practicing gratitude and see the positive outcomes in your behavior and attitude towards life.

Learned Optimism:

We all know that one can either be optimist or pessimist. But what if one can learn to be an optimist. Start looking into the positives of the negatives. Hardships can be a catalyst for positive change. One should always remember that he always has the option to choose their attitude despite what situation brings to the table. He explained it briefly by how when something happens, we start thinking and self-talking about the situation. How this self-talk alters our attitude and then our actions that lead to some conclusion or result.

Act As If:

Last but not least he explained the phenomenon to act as if you want to be in future. If you want to achieve a promotion act like you’ve got one. If you want to be a good father or mother, think about how a good father or mother would act and act the same way. If you want to be a great professional, analyze what it takes to be one and start being one and you’ll certainly reach there. Create an alter ego, an alter persona that you truly want to become and start living it and one day you’ll become one

The session ended with lots of praises and thanks from the audience for this wonderfully delivered session by Spencer K. Horn. We are thankful to him that he took out time and gave us these pearls of wisdom from his treasure.