Brilliance of Resilience: Custom Stress-Busting Strategies to Beat Overwhelm and Burnout

Jacy Imilkowski, a certified Project Management Professional®, Positive Intelligence® coach, Co-Active® coach, and Laughter Leader, will present Brilliance of Resilience*.

The burnout crisis is real, and the numbers are staggering. 23% of employees are chronically burned out, and 47% more are headed in that direction (and those stats are prior to the pandemic!). The stresses of our personal and professional lives often overlap one other, causing the pressure to multiply.

To keep moving forward when time are tough this open, honest, and funny program combines Positive Intelligence® and storytelling to help identify how your internal Judge reacts to challenging situations. Once you observe the Judge’s behaviors, you’re empowered to intentionally leverage your “Sage” mind skills such as empathy, curiosity, and innovation to counteract them. This increases mental flexibility and creates the ability to choose resilience and growth over overwhelm and burnout in the face of challenge.

Register now to learn how to explore personal relationships, identify specific sings, counteract or prevent negative judgments and create a custom stress-busting strategy.


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About Speaker

Jacy “I-milk-cows-on-skis” Imilkowski, PMP, CPQC, ACC, CLL is a certified, project manager, Positive Intelligence coach and speaker that helps purpose-driven project professionals build personalized stress-busting strategies to build resilience, beat burnout, and lead happier, lower-stress lives. Her experience with resilience is personal, having lost her dream career to a disabling back injury in her 20’s. While recovered now, the 15+ years of rehabilitation that followed impacted all areas of her personal and professional life.

A self-admitted communication nerd, Jacy specializes in the neuroscience of conversation and positive habit formation to achieve personal and professional goals. Jacy has spent over 20 years as a team leader, trainer, and coach, including 10 years with a Fortune 50 healthcare account. She’s an adjunct instructor on communication, coaching, and leadership for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She’s also a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Practitioner, eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter, and holds a Certificate of Patient Experience Leadership from the Beryl Institute. Her TEDx Talk, “What’s Your Rhubarb Pie? How Trauma Impacts Choice”, is available on YouTube.

Recognized as one of 40 Under 40 up and coming professionals in Madison, WI, Jacy lives her values of building personal and professional communities. When not working she enjoys volunteering as a Speakers Academy Dean for the National Speakers Association-Wisconsin chapter and has been a foster home for Greyhound Pets of America. She loves her dog, and probably loves your dog too.

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16 November 2021

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CST-06:00)




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