Project Management Student May Conference

Project Management Student Conference

The conference is a great opportunity to explore project management as a career!

The half-day conference will explore how to develop a successful project management career in manufacturing, construction, health care, finance, retail, government, or IT.  Project managers are needed in every industry.  According to PMI’s publication “Talent Gap Report 2021” the demand for additional 128,000 project managers will be needed each year for the next ten years in the U.S.  

Talented project managers are in high demand now and in the future.  

At this in-person and virtual conference, you will have a chance to explore project management through a series of presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions that will focus on various areas including: 

  1. What is project management and its history. 
  2. Why become a project manager?  What are the talents and skills needed to be successful? 
  3. How to get started as a project manager?  
  4. Let’s talk about certifications and education.  -- Why are they important?
  5. How to pass the CAPM, PMP, and other certification exams.  
  6. Trends and the future of project management.  

About the Speakers:

  • Dr. Richard Berg, PgMP
    Program Manager, Lockheed Martin 
    Faculty, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

  • Denise Thompson, PMP
    President, PMI La Crosse/Rochester Chapter

  • Bill Johnson, PMP, MSPM
    Program Director, Graduate Programs in Project management
    Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

  • Kris Schoen, PMP, MSPM
  • Michael O'Connor, PhD, MSPM, MSTM, MBA, PE
    President of PMI Minnesota

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Event Details

Date & Time

20 May 2023

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (CST-06:00)


University Center, Saint Mary’s University 2500 Park Ave Minneapolis MN