Andre Mahfouz

Current Job/Title: Project Director at Temenos

Industry: Banking Software

Academic and Professional Credentials: Master in Computer Sc., MBA, PMP, Prince2

  1. How do you describe the role of project manager to your friends and family?

    The role of the Project Manager can be simplified to " the art of making things happen". With the right skills, knowledge and experience, the project manager role is all about achieving the objectives and succeeding in projects despite all conditions and circumstances.

  2. How do you apply and benefit from your management skills in your life?

    In general, being a project manager becomes your second nature, intuitively and without effort you see yourself managing things in life as if you are running a project. So, it helps you easily to manage and organize your day to day activities but also long-term plans.

  3. How did project management credentials help in advancing your career and knowledge?

    My credentials played a vital role in helping me to advance on the personal and professional level. It helped me tuning the knowledge acquired from experience to the knowledge learned from internationally recognized practice needed to advance in my career. PMP and other PMI esteemed credentials, granted me the easy-access, a visa-like permit, to work anywhere in the world, since the certificate is well renowned as a high level of professionalism, which PMP provides.

  4. Can you share with us a successful project you have worked on and its lessons learned?

    I have been assigned on a very challenging project which cannot follow the usual project stages, because the project was in a very critical situation and about to fail. I had to deal with not only recovering what has been missed out and rebuilding the project standards and elements but also rebuilding a mutual trust, regaining credibility by re-establishing a proper relationship with all stakeholders to revive the project. Finally, I managed getting things back on track and succeeded in delivering the project. The lessons learned is: perseverance is key while running projects.

  5. Any advice and recommendation you can give to other project managers

    Project Management is all about continuous learning and constant knowledge building. So, my advice is to keep on learning, upgrade always your knowledge to the latest innovations, and think outside the box to deal with new situations.

Andre Mahfouz