Bachir Khalil

Current Role: Structural consultant

Academic and Professional Credentials: Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering (NDU) / PMP (PMI)

PMI LC member since: 05 Feb 2017

Domain / Industry Knowledge: Design, Construction and Management

Testimonial: At the end of each month, new frontiers in project management will be tackled and analyzed in our PMI Lebanon chapter meetings, to keep members up to date on the new developments and intrigued, never to think that it is a stagnant field. As to the members, they have become a family where each share the problems they are having and it is met with understanding and useful advice. Also, LC does its fair share of community service by putting its expertise and members wherever needed in Lebanon to give back to the people and set the example of true leadership and active duty, which are paramount attributes of a project manager where he sets the whole team for the win while he sacrifices his self-ambitions. Not to mention the job opportunities in Project management they are always posting for members in need to make that jump in their career or who are unemployed for the moment. Two large events where organized this year, major key speakers in their field where invited to give lectures, from abroad and local, just to get perspective on how project management apply to various fields and how other cultures use it in their jobs, while learning about the latest techniques used by them.

In short, the PMI Lebanon Chapter has delivered more than it did promise, it is always active and moving forward, ever evolving to bring Project Management to its pinnacle and within everyone reach.

Bachir Khalil