Bassem Hajj

CURRENT ROLE: Finance & Property Commissioner Expert - Ministry of Justice, Financial Public Prosecution - May 2018 to Present
President - Global Impex Trading Corp (New York, NY) - May 2016 to Present
Founder / Managing Director - Cloud Trading Company (CTC) - Established in Sep 2012

ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS: Masters in Electrical & Telecommunication Engineering, PMP


Domain / Industry Knowledge: Security & Product Management, Sales Engineering, Business Transformation, Solutions Design, Bid Management, PMO (Supportive, Controlling and Directive), Full design & implementation of organization structure & processes, involving Change Management Initiatives, Internal Communication, and people-driven approach to leading change in Customer Management. Focus in the Aviation, Telecommunications and Technology Industries.

Testimonial: I consider PMI-LC monthly talks as a personal asylum to me where I've added valuable knowledge, skills and insights with a diversity and broad topics involving career-oriented speakers and participants. The speakers are "handpicked" and experts in their fields and in the know-how world with unique charismatic personalities. Yet, the topics cover our day-to-day encounters of what we face as project managers in various sectors and industries.

On the other hand, the attendees and audiences are as well knowledgeable in which the debates and in-session discussions are literally as important as the sessions themselves.

Finally, I salute the PMI-LC staff for their efforts and contributions to make the local chapter in general one of the leading and best chapters in the PMI world due to their dedications and support to make the monthly talk sessions very enjoyable and beneficial for the local members and visitors.

bassem el hajj