Jacques Bakaev

Current Job/Title: Retired brigadier-general of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of Lebanon, served mostly as an IT specialist in the ISF IT department.

Academic and Professional Credentials: Lebanese Military academy graduate, holding a BS in computer science and an MBA, PMP

Domain / Industry Knowledge/Sector expertise: Information security management systems, Digital Transformation, IT and Management consultancy, IT governance, cybercrime and cybersecurity

PMI Lebanon chapter member: February 2016

Testimonial: I attended most of the PMI Lebanon chapter monthly talks this year, as well as the professional development day and the PMI Lebanon chapter conference 2018. The speakers were form a wide range of sectors, knowledge areas and industries.

In those events I was introduced to the very rich acquired knowledge and experience of the project management practitioners in Lebanon and worldwide, for example:

  • How project management framework was applied to enhance productivity and deliver project scope on time and within the budget.
  • How to use different kind of skills, knowledge and lessons learned to enhance project management practice.
  • How the project management framework adapts to different industries and sectors and provides value.

Also those events were an opportunity to meet project managers and project management practitioners in various sectors and industries in Lebanon, therefore the PMI Lebanon chapter in an important platform of communication and networking among project management professionals in Lebanon.

jack bakaev