Jeanette Saliba

Current Job/ Role: Project Coordinator at Société Nassim Abou Habib pour L’Industrie et L’Entreprise (NAH)

Academic and Professional Credentials: Masters of Civil Engineering ,  PMP®

PMI LC member since: January 2019

Domain / Industry Knowledge/Sector expertise: Civil Engineering, Roads and Infrastructure, Public Works, Quantity Control 

Testimonial: I remember the first monthly talk I attended right after joining PMI LC. It was about emotional intelligence and it got me anchored to this monthly event ever since. What I love about monthly talks is that they are beneficial on the personal level as much as on the professional level, thus contributing to our overall growth.

In addition, I appreciate how PMI LC switched to the “virtual mode” since the spread of Covid-19 and managed to benefit from the situation by inviting international speakers. I feel proud of being a PMI LC member, and hope to find myself more time to attend other events and be more engaged.

Jeanette Saliba